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The news that a bike fitted with a motor had been found at the Cyclocross World Championships shocked everyone in cycling despite the persistent rumours that have come up time and again over the last five or six years.

We took advantage of the gathering of big industry names at last week’s London Bike Show to ask manufacturers and riders what they thought of the latest, but very different, doping scandal to envelop cycling – motorised bikes.

A wide range of opinions were expressed on the punishment that should be given the Fiemke Van den Driessche and her team, and the wider repercusions for the sport.

Some were inclined to see a silver-lining to the scandal, with James Olson of Hoy Bikes saying that he’d ‘rather see young riders using motors in their bikes than messing around with blood bags’ and Harry Gibbings, CEO of motorised bike manufacturer Typhoon Bicycles, hoping that the UCI showing that it is able to detect motors in bikes will deter their use in future.

However, others weren’t quite so cheerful, with Malcolm Elliot saying that the repurcussions for a rider’s career could be worse than if they were caught doping, and Canyon’s Nick Allen echoing many others elsewhere in the sport by calling on the UCI to step up its checks for motors in bikes.