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Pedals may not seem like the first place to look in search of search of marginal gains, but the new Edco 3ax pedals (pronounced try-ax) claim to improve pedalling efficiency by up to 5.4%, and decrease the chances of injury by better aligning your knees and reducing sideways movement by 17%.

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These numbers are achieved by the pedals “swaying” by four degrees as well as the normal nine degrees of cleat float. According to Edco this design still feels stable, and will cater for the vast majority of cyclists that tilt their feet inwards or outwards while pedalling.

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In tests against Shimano SPD-SL pedals, Edco claims that riders used on average 3.3% less oxygen when riding at a wattage equal to 2.5x their bodyweight. There was also a 5.47% decrease in the level of muscle activity needed to generate the same wattage, with test riders “consistently reporting more comfort, less fatigue, and better performance”.

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The pedal body itself is made from aluminium while the spindle is steel, meaning a reasonable claimed weight of 390g per pair. Although the pedals are supplied with cleats, they are also compatible with Look Keo cleats.

Retail pricing for the Edco 3ax pedals is set at £249.99, with availability expected in the next couple of weeks.