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Festka Scalatore

Festka, a Czech boutique bike company based in Prague has been making waves in the UK bike scene, popping up at a few bike shows with many onlookers drooling over the prospect of owning one.

We’ve managed to get our hands on the Festka Scalatore, which sits at an eye watering price point of over €6,000 for the frame only. The complete build here will cost you over double that pushing the €14,000 price point!

For a 54cm frame it weighs in at a mere 760g and complete here under 6kg. Merged with Campagnolo Super Record EPS and Lightweight Gipfelstrum wheels, I’d be very scared of taking it outside!

Blaze Lazerlight

You’ll have seen the Blaze Lazer dotted around London as the technology is attached to all of the Santander hire bike. Blaze, the brains behind the light technology, sells it to the general public too, encased in a very nicely designed aircraft grade aluminium case.

Blaze Laserlight

Blaze Laserlight

300 max lumens with four light modes as well as the patented Lazer light will set you back £125, which, with the added safety feature will certainly help you in those busy city commutes.

Specialized 3.0 Torch road shoes

Specialized wanted to simplify its range of shoes and to do so introduced the Torch range which sits under the S-Works level on the road side.

Maxing out at £200 for the 3.0 that we’ve been testing, the Torch range aims to provide comfort for all day cycling and isn’t necessarily racing focused. The American brand has softened up the heel area and use a mesh upper for comfort too. Though you’ll still get a full carbon sole, which of course is Specialized FACT carbon with stiffness index of 8.5.

DT Swiss ERC 1100 Dicut

Resident presenter Oliver Bridgewood was a little giddy over the DT Swiss ERC 1100 Dicut wheels. Surprising for a man who was so against disc brake bikes a few years ago!

At a little over 1500g for a disc brake wheel set, we are finally seeing wheel brands producing disc dedicated wheels, where weight savings can be huge thanks to the lack of construction needed in the rim. Mainly due to the fact the braking is happening elsewhere.

Despite being 47mm deep these wheels are lightweight, fast and stiff and thanks to that wide rim remain comfortable enough with a decent sized tyre attached to it. Of course braking is amazing too thanks to the discs!