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If you’ve ever found yourself with a puncture and have reached into your rear pocket to discover that you left your mini pump at home, then this invention could well be of interest. Airsupply is a seatpost that also doubles as a bike pump, meaning you can forget about the mini pump altogether.

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Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the Airsupply includes a pump within the seatpost that is then connected with a hose that it stored in a saddle bag. The hose is long enough to reach both the front and rear tyres, and is compatible with all types of valves.

Re.Mo.Bic, the company behind Airsupply, say that it is good enough to get you up to 116psi. Ok, so this maybe isn’t quite good enough for track cycling, but if you’re out on the road and restoring a puncture, then it is much more than get-you-home pressure.

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As for the seatpost itself, this has a 27.2mm diameter which should fit the vast majority of bike frames, but if you do have an odd seat tube size, then there are adaptors available to help it fit. It’s made from 6061 and 7075 aluminium, so maybe not the lightest or most comfortable, but at least it should be robust.

Unfortunately Airsupply hasn’t taken Kickstarter by storm, only being $3,000 towards its $70,000 goal. However, there are still 19 days to go in its crowdfunding campaign and still plenty of spots left to grab an Airsupply at the Early Bird price of $40 (£28).