Test your core with the cyclists’ core challenge (video)

Is your core strong enough to pass the CW Core Challenge?

The fitness team here at Cycling Weekly are huge advocates of core strength.

As we’ve said time and time again, it’s an important aspect of cycling performance, reducing the risk of many injuries while providing a solid foundation for your legs to fire from.

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A cyclist with a weak core is a weak cyclist…

Every bike rider will benefit from a set of well-conditioned core muscles. And a few exercises for an hour or so a week will help achieve this. Yep, that’s right. No gym membership required.

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The Challenge

But how do you know if your core needs work? It’s a good question, and while it’s something that should be maintained through a number of exercises each week throughout the year, it’s worth knowing just how weak (or strong) you actually are.

That’s why we have devised our very own Cycling Weekly Core Challenge, which will test your all-round core strength.

If you are able to pass the challenge, your core is good, and it will be just a case of keeping on top of things. In other words, keep on doing what you are doing – it seems to be working.

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However, if you are unable to complete the challenge, then your core is something you have been neglecting, and it’s about time you got it in working order.

Try our challenge and let us know how you get on. Are you tough enough? Are you as strong as you need to be? You may be surprised with the results.