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A cyclist in Devon has been rescued by specialist teams after falling into deep floodwater in Newton Abbot and clinging onto a tree for 40 minutes.

The cyclist was riding near a tributary of the flooded River Teign when he became stranded, holding onto a tree in neck-high water.

Two crews from Newton Abbot were sent to the scene on Jetty Marsh Road, as well as a specialist rescue teams from Plymouth and Exmouth.

Phil Scammells, watch manager and deputy station commander at Newton Abbot fire station, told MailOnline: “The gentleman had been cycling along Jetty Marsh when he lost balance and ended up in flood water up to his shoulders.

“He had been holding onto a small tree to keep himself still and above water.”

Further flooding has been forecast across the UK, with heavy rain forecast for the Grampian, Central, Tayside and Fife areas of Scotland, with parts of northern England and Scotland still feeling the effects of the storms at the tail end of 2015.

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Clare Dinnis, Flood Risk Manager at the Environment Agency, told MailOnline: “Our work continues into the New Year as we offer ongoing support to communities that have been affected by these terrible floods and our hearts go out to all those who have suffered the devastating impacts of flooding.

“With more wet weather due this week we are monitoring the situation across the country closely and will issue further flood warnings as required.

“We will continue our ongoing work to repair flood defences, protect communities, and pump away flood water.

“Communities affected by flooding can find advice on the Environment Agency website, local authorities’ websites and on social media using #floodaware.”