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A cyclist escaped with bruising to his legs after being run over by an irate motorist during a Critical Mass cycling event on November 27.

According to the Evening Standard, witnesses heard the driver beeping his horn and shouting abuse at the rider as the large group gathered at a junction in east London.

At the 1.20 mark in the video above you will see the Peugeot 307 edging towards the junction on the left of the picture, before flooring the accelerator, crushing the cyclist’s bike – and reportedly his legs – under the wheels before driving off.

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene, but the cyclist did not require hospital treatment. His bike was reportedly destroyed by the collision.

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A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told the Standard: “Officers are investigating a fail to stop collision. The offence happened on Friday, 27 November at 8.20pm at Scrutton Street, EC2.

“A cyclist was in collision with a car. The cyclist suffered minor injuries. The driver of the car failed to stop.

“Enquires are in hand to trace the driver of the car.”

Critical Mass events take place on the last Friday of every month, with a Facebook group stating: “It is a family-friendly event that relies on participants being considerate to each other and to other road users, even if we do hold their journey up for a couple of minutes.”