Secrets of the Toolbox: Lotto-Soudal

We speak to Lotto-Soudal's Frederik Moons about his top maintenance tips

Frederick Moons has been spannering for Lotto-Soudal for five years so it’s safe to say he knows a few things about maintaining a bike. We spoke to him about life as a mechanic on a WorldTour team.

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His favourite tools are (unsurprisingly) his allen keys, after all you can probably fix and adjust 80 per cent of a bike with these alone. He says they are perfect for the start line of a race in case a rider needs to make small adjustments to their saddle height.

Moons’ favourite rider to work with is Andr√© Greipel. Apparently the German powerhouse¬†is very professional around his mechanics and will always be understanding if a mechanic makes a mistake. You can see our Pro Bike Check with Greipel’s gorgeous Ridley Noah SL here.

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Finally we asked Moons what unusual mechanic’s trick he has up his sleeve. Apparently the sprinters in Lotto-Soudal sometimes like to use bar tape on their pedals for a more secure connection. We assume that this means power is transferred more directly when you try to accelerate rapidly, maybe it’s a bodge to try at home!