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Warning: video contains images that some may find disturbing

Bystanders in Liuzhou City, China, rushed to the aid of a cyclist trapped underneath a car, lifting it off her so that she could be freed and receive medical attention.

CCTV footage captured both the car hitting and rolling over the cyclist, and then pedestrians and other road users flocking around the vehicle and lifting it up.

The white saloon car emerges from a side junction, hitting the female cyclist. The rider initially appears to jump off the bike and remain on two feet as her bike is crushed under the front wheels of the car.

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However, rather than stopping, the driver of the car carries on slowly, knocking the cyclist to the ground and then rolling over her before coming to a standstill.

Pedestrians, other car drivers and motorcyclists quickly rush in from all directions, surrounding the car. Working together, they lift the vehicle up and over the trapped cyclist and safely to one side.

According to various media reports, the cyclist was taken to hospital and was treated for minor injuries.