Warning: Video contains bad language

A motorcyclist who cut up a cyclist on a roundabout in Reading and then proceeded to engage in a foul-mouthed exchange and threatening behaviour, is being sought by Thames Valley Police.

The incident happened at 3.25pm on August 12, on the roundabout joining Northumberland Avenue and Hartland Road in Reading, Berkshire. It was captured by the cyclist’s helmet-mounted camera.

The video shows the cyclist riding around a roundabout as a motorcyclist then speeds past him on the right, forcing him to turn sharply left to avoid being hit.

Another motorcyclist then passes the cyclist on the left.

The cyclist then shouts after the motorcyclists, one of whom stops by the roadside and then challenges the cyclist. Initially, the conversation is about the Highway Code but soon degenerates.

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The verbal exchange is littered with swearing, before the motorbiker gets off his machine and threatens the cyclist. “Shut your mouth. F*** off before I knock you out,” says the driver of the motorcycle.

“I’m not threatening you, I’m telling you. What? You think you’re bad because you’ve got a little camera on?”

The motorbiker walks over to the cyclist saying that he will remove the camera unless the cyclist moves on. At this point, the cyclist moves away and continues his journey.

The cyclist posted the video on YouTube under the name ‘uphillfreewheeler’, and says that the incident was reported to the police and the video handed over. He reports that the police want to speak to the motorcyclist on suspicion of careless driving and public order offences.