Watch: Shocking video of motorist using three phones and nearly taking out cyclist

Also driving in bus lane in an untaxed vehicle
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It might be rare for you to get through a commute without seeing a driver using his or her phone while driving, but one driver in London has taken this form of dangerous driving to a whole new level.

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The video, which was posted by YouTube user Silvio Diego, shows a driver using no fewer than three different phones while driving in busy London traffic.

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On top of this, the man does a dangerous close pass on the cyclist (before having to brake for traffic lights) and is driving in a bus lane in an untaxed vehicle.

However despite the driver notching up a decent tally of broken laws, Silvio Diego responded to comments below the video to say that he would not report the incident to the police, claiming that they wouldn’t pay any interest to the evidence and would not investigate the case.