We’ve seen cyclists being interrupted by deer, birds and even llamas before but a pig is definitely a new one.

At first this rider seems a bit afraid of the pot bellied pig that comes crosses his path, shouting nervously so it knows he’s there. However, when he pulls alongside the creature, it all turns a bit Deliverance as he starts to race it while shouting: “C’mon piggy, c’mon piggy. Let’s go, let’s go”.

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This video comes from the Rocheport Roubaix, a 67 mile gravel race in Missouri, US, where wild pigs aren’t all that uncommon, in fact the race description even warns riders to watch out for them.

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Commenting on a Reddit post where he submitted the video the rider, known as beebz10, said: “That’s the first time I’ve ever came across a pig on the road, usually dogs or deer, but I call it like I see it. All of the sudden it turned into a heated battle.”

We wouldn’t call it that much of a battle though, as far as we can tell the pig got smoked.