With the curtain coming down on his career, Bradley Wiggins has been reflecting on what he has achieved and how he will be remembered by cycling fans.

Speaking after his win with Mark Cavendish at the Ghent Six Day, Wiggins talked about his favourite memories, and how he hoped his victories would live long in the memories.

“London 2012 was pretty special, that was always going to be hard to beat, and more than anything at the Tour, the Champs Élysées stage leading the British world champion [Mark Cavendish] out while wearing yellow.

“I always think that 50 years from now those images will be iconic. They last in people’s memories and you can’t take people’s memories away from them. You’re giving people happy memories and special times, that’s what you remember most about these things.”

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Inevitably Wiggins was also asked about his future in the post-race press conference, replying that he was focussed on working to develop young talent at Team Wiggins, and needed to be realistic about his own riding.

“The team is about inspiring young guys. We’ve got some great young riders and I just want to help those guys and develop the next champions.

“I’ve got to be realistic and to be as good as I’ve been this week I need a full road season probably or a full training season. I can’t just think I will get away with just riding around Mallorca.

“I wouldn’t like to come back next year and not win and not to be strong and all those things. At some point you just have to stop and say ‘that’s it’. And, I think, for sure that is going to be my last Ghent Six Day.

“18 years since my first and 12 years since my last win here, it’s been a bloody good innings.”