The Paralympic Games officially get underway on Wednesday night, when the opening ceremony brings the curtain up on the greatest festival of disability sport in the world.

Paralympics GB are once again expected to fly high in the medals table, with cycling one of the disciplines the Brits are looking to dominate in.

Visually impaired rider Neil Fachie is preparing for his third Paralympic Games and together with tandem pilot Pete Mitchell will be targeting gold in the 1km time trial on the track in Rio.

The Scot won gold in London in the discipline, partnered with Craig MacLean, and is a five-time world champion and also Commonwealth champion over the distance.

“I’ve always got on fairly well with my pilots, and you have to when you spend so much time together,” Fachie said.

“Ironically we hardly speak when we’re not on the tandem,” Mitchell added. “We do go months without speaking, but maybe that’s a good thing!”

Paralympics veteran Fachie is looking forward to the convivial atmosphere in the athletes’ village in Rio and is excited about being amazed by the feats he witnesses from the participants over the course of the Games.

“The image of Paralympic sport that I always remember is the guy in London high jumping with one leg, which is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen,” he said. “It’s alright to say that is incredible because it is, it’s phenomenal.”