A warm-up is important on many levels, you need to raise you heart rate and increase blood flow in preparation for the exertion of a hard race or training session but by always repeating the same warm-up it helps to get you into the right mental state to compete.

Using the same warm-up every time means it is one less thing to think about, especially before a race when it can often be busy and stressful.


A warm-up needs to prepare the body for effort but without taking the edge off your performance. By using carefully controlled intervals and putting the emphasis on leg speed rather than increased power you will reach the line ready to fire on all cylinders.

Aim to finish your warm-up as late as possible so you roll to the line prepared but without too much time to wait before the start.

20-minute progressive warm-up

This 20-minute warm-up is the one British Cycling coaches use for riders of all levels from youth to Olympians. This needs to be done on rollers, Wattbike or a turbo and you need some means of measuring cadence and timing your efforts.

When doing this warm-up you should be in a gear that you can pedal easily. By 11 minutes in you should feel warm and be sweating slightly. Select a gear one easier to prepare for the rev-outs. They aren’t about increasing power; it is simply to increase leg speed.

warm up table