Secrets of the toolbox: Cannondale-Garmin (video)

We spoke to James Griffin from Cannondale-Garmin about all things bike mechanics, and his most unusual tool is exactly that…

For the latest edition of our ‘secrets of the toolbox’ series we caught up with James Griffin, the British cycle mechanic for American WorldTour team Cannondale-Garmin.

His favourite tool is an obvious choice: the torque wrench. With the proliferation of carbon fibre as a build material these days makes the use of a torque wrench essential to avoid over-tightening or compromising anything.

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The most unusual tools in his repertoire are a fork, knife and spoon. Having to work around the riders’ race schedules he has to eat on the fly and at all different times of the day and night, so having some cutlery to hand is very important. Even if it’s not the most hygienic.

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Depending on the race he’s working on he can sometimes get a good bit of downtime and a chance to relax. But at other times things can get a lot more hectic.

Seemingly very patient with his riders, Griffin is happy to humour the more obscure requests and do what he can to give them the peace of mind they need in the lead up to a race.

Just like Martyn Ashfield, mechanic at Team Wiggins, told us Griffin has done a fair bit of bike building in the back of a car. No easy task.

For us amateurs it’s well worth watching this video all the way to the end as the Cannondale mechanic gives some handy tips on how to look after your bike and what to avoid doing to keep things running smoothly.