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“If you search my name in Google you will find one horrible picture,” says Katusha’s Alexander Kristoff.

He’s not wrong.

We found a tweet containing a selfie from the aftermath of his crash at the 2010 Tour de Beauce in Canada where he crashed on a gravelly descent and ripped up his face pretty badly.

According to Kristoff, a rider in front of him crashed but the Norwegian, then riding for BMC, managed to avoid him. But then the rider’s bike spun out and sent Kristoff crashing face first into the gravel.

“I tried to get back on my bike but my sports director told me no,” he says. “I got in the ambulance and I saw the other guy, who also crashed on his face, and he looked horrible. I thought ‘I’m happy I’m not him’.

“Then I got to the hospital and they sewed me up and I got into the bathroom and I looked exactly the same as him!”

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There were some benefits to looking so terrible, though, as Kristoff reveals he got to skip the queue at the immigration control on the US border when he tried to pass several days later.