In a break with tradition in the Show Us Your Scars franchise we’re moving away from road cycling for one episode and taking you to the brutal world of downhill mountain biking.

While road racers have the usual array of broken collarbones and grazed buttocks, these baggy-shorted mavericks on MTBs really know how to hurt themselves.

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Speeding down the side of a mountain at 60kph is pretty dangerous as it turns out, and here British downhiller Brendan Fairclough gives us a tour of his various injuries. And there’s a lot of them…

From torn knee ligaments to a huge ‘sharkbite’ scar on his left shin, caused by getting his leg caught on a branch while falling spectacularly from the bike. That injury alone required 58 stitches, which is pretty incomprehensible.

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Then he moves onto his hands, which are just as messed up, regaling us with a story of when he broke his thumb and decided the best course of action would be to gaffer tape it back in place…it didn’t work well.

Have a listen to Brendan’s gnarly stories, but make sure you’re not in the middle of your lunch when doing so.