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Cycling can be a dangerous sport. There’s something about hurtling across tarmac at 30mph on less than 10kg of carbon fibre and rubber that leads to a few accidents.

Team Raleigh GAC’s Steve Lampier has had his fair share of crashes. He tells us about a horrific crash when his forks snapped that broke his cheekbone and jawbone, knocked several teeth out and left him needing 150 stitches around his right eye socket.

Despite happening ten years ago, he managed to dig a bit of embedded gravel out of his eye just a few years ago!

But the worst part of the whole incident for Lampier was that he had to be cut out of his kit in the hospital and woke up just in time to protest about being cut out of his expensive Sidi shoes!

Lampier, who came ninth in this year’s National Championships road race, also broke his elbow in four places in a crash in Spain, resulting in metal pins and wire being inserted into his elbow.

While brushing his teeth last year, Lampier managed to snap the wire, which popped through the skin. At the hospital, after getting the wire removed a doctor tried to remove the pins as well, but the pain was too much for Lampier – so the doctor simply knocked them back in with a hammer!

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