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America can be a tough place to train as a professional cyclist, with mountain ranges and deserts, as well as eighteen-wheelers, to contend with, but chief among them is the wildlife, as One Pro Cycling new-boy Kristian House can attest.

Pretty much every pro cyclist will have broken their collarbone at some point in their career, but how many can say they’ve had it broken after a crash with a deer?

Kristian House can. Just five days before Christmas in 2013, he was t-boned by a marauding deer near Austin, Texas, breaking his collarbone so badly he flew to Sheffield for surgery.

But that isn’t even the worst injury he’s picked up. Again in America, the 2009 British national champion was hit by a lorry, breaking his fibula and medial malleolus, requiring a metal plate after a compound fracture – but he still managed to walk down the road to get help, having only thought he sprained his ankle!