John Herety is can now be found pulling the strings at British domestic outfit JLT-Condor, masterminding their many wins and ensuring the riders arrive at the startline stress free and ready to race.

Herety, however, was a racer himself back in the late-1970s and 1980s, representing Great Britain at the 1980 Olympics.

The 1982 British National Champion tells us about the knocks and bumps he picked up whilst racing, including a scuff to the knee and an incident with a Soviet bread roll.

Racing in France, Herety was thrown into a ploughed field. He managed to collide with what he says was the only stone in the field, causing a laceration to his knee. It’s the way the cut was dealt with that really makes the story.

His other noticeable scar is across one of his fingers. Teams travelled behind the Iron Curtain to race the 1979 Peace Race, where the food wasn’t particularly good. Attempting to slice a bread roll, Herety instead chopped into his finger, once again needing stitches.