To win races you’ve got to put the hard work in during training sessions, meaning sometimes the training is tougher than the racing itself.

For Dani King, her toughest ever day on a bike involved a double session at at a training camp in Majorca before she won gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games in the team pursuit.

In sweltering temperatures, the track team were asked to do a tempo ride in the morning before heading back out on the road to do capacity efforts.

Riding as hard as you can for four minutes at a time, with a break in between each of the three efforts.

“You just bury yourself and give everything,” she said. “I remember it was really hot – over 30 degrees – and they had to have ice buckets for us in between each effort.”

The effort was all worth it, though, as King joined Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell-Shand in winning the team pursuit in London, setting a world record in every round of the competition.