Malcolm Elliott was the British National Champion and Vuelta a España points classification winner during his successful career.

He is also well known for continuing to race well beyond the age of most of his rivals, about which he said “I regret that I didn’t train like I did in my 40s earlier in my career”.

Even for hardy riders from the north of England, cold wet weather can still be pretty testing. Elliott talks about a stage of the Vuelta a España which headed into bordering Andorra. The temperature plummeted and the rain soon became snow. He even says, “I seriously thought I was going to die that day”.

A day in the Dolomites at the Giro d’Italia was also particularly harsh on the rider, with braking on descents made difficult by cold fingers.

Most of us will never race professionally, let alone in a Grand Tour, but it’s still possible to get caught out by the weather. The 55-year-old talks about how going out unprepared for a change in the conditions can catch anyone out.