There are many revered hill-climbs in the country that are steeped in history and prestige, and Mam Nick in the Peak District falls into that category.

In this year’s edition of the Rutland CC-promoted race, a new chapter was written in the climb’s chronicles: for the first time since 1958, a new men’s course record was set.

Chris Dyke (Manchester BC) set a time of 6:27.1 on the two kilometre climb, beating Peter Graham’s long-standing record by 7.5 seconds, which he posted when he won the 1958 BLRC Hill-Climb Championship ahead of Tom Simpson.

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The women’s record was broken, too, Rebecca Goodson (Sheffrec CC) the fastest female with a time of 8:01.2, smashing the previous record by 24 seconds.


Brendon Tyree was on hand to film the romance of the climb and explains its brutality, with insights from riders.

Adam Kenway and Lou Bates won the National Hill-Climb Championships on Bank Road last Sunday.