Snowy conditions would normally put people off riding, but for one group of riders in Scotland it must have been a bit of a disappointment not to see snow on the ground.

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Those were the competitors in the annual Santa Claus Cyclocross World Championships, which took place on December 11 at Glengorm Castle on the Isle of Mull.

More than a hundred competitors competed in five categories across two races, all of whom were dressed up in the best Santa (or elf) outfits that money could buy (or they could find at the supermarket on the way to the race).

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To be fair to the riders, they all seem to have made a decent effort, with no one making do with just a measly Santa hat on top of their helmet. We even spotted a couple of penguin and reindeer costumes, which can’t have been very breathable.

However there was an upset at the finish of the senior men’s race as an elf upset the odds to take a surprise solo victory.