If we’ve learned one thing in 2015 its that a lot of professional cyclists have some pretty gnarly scars and some equally gruesome stories as to how they got them.

In our Show Us Your Scars series we’ve spoken to WorldTour riders, track riders, domestic criterium riders, cyclo-crossers and mountain bikers, all of whom were more than willing to show off their battle scars.

From Geraint Thomas’s story about how he ruptured his spleen on his bike, to mountain biker Brendan Fairclough showing us just how mangled his body is at the tender age of 27.

Crashes and scars are all part of the game when you’re a professional cyclist, though, although the lasting marks of a tumble can sometimes bring about some unexpected events, like when Steve Lampier dug a bit of gravel out of his eye years after a crash.

Team Sky’s Luke Rowe was a understandably smug about his lack of scars…”I don’t know what’s with these guys who crash all the time. Just avoid them…just brake!”