The moment that a cyclist was rammed by a car on a roundabout in Oldham, Greater Manchester, has been captured on camera.

YouTube user Thomas Hallows filmed the incident on his dashboard camera as he approached a roundabout. It appears to have taken place on April 26 at around 6.34pm according to the video’s time stamp.

The male cyclist, on a BMC road bike, can be seen approaching the roundabout from the left, with a dark-coloured Ford Fiesta behind him.

As the rider pulls up to stop at the junction, the Ford slows down and then accelerates abruptly, straight into the back of him. It appears as though the driver has not spotted the cyclist at all.

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The cyclist is knocked to the ground directly in front of the car as the driver quickly applies his brakes. The cyclist raises his hand to try and show the driver he’s on the ground.

The male driver then leaves the car and walks around to talk to the cyclist, who manages to free himself from under the bike and get to his feet.

According to a note left by Hallows with the video clip, both cyclist and driver were shocked at the incident. Hallows gave them his contact details, but reports that no party has been in touch with him to date.