Eggs for breakfast

Before every cyclist out there chokes in shock on their morning bowl of porridge, hear us out, as eggs are a great alternative way to start the day and lose weight. This is partly due to their low glycemic index rating, which means energy is released at a more steady and slower rate. Meaning you are less likely to see a spike in blood sugar levels and consequently snack throughout the day.

Instagram your food

This may well be very painful or very easy for some people to hear depending on their current social media habits. However research suggests that documenting your food intake in pictorial form, means you are less likely to splurge on unhealthy and high fat foods. As you’ll unlikely want to publicise your poor diet to everyone that you know.

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Drink water before eating

One unfortunate trait that can cause weight gain is over indulging when you are not even hungry. This may sound like we are preaching to a bunch of eight year olds who are bored, but confusing your thirst for hunger can see yourself piling on unwanted calories. Drinking a pint of water before you eat can help curb your daily food intake.

Eat more fish

Omega 3 fatty acids are crucial to controlling body fat levels and oily fish such as salmon and mackerel are packed full of them. They also have other health benefits such as helping prevent cardio-vascular diseases and improving eyesight.

Eat fruit, don’t drink it

The higher fibre content that is present in whole fruits, compared to fruit juices, means you absorb natural sugars more slowly. Despite their high sugar levels, fruit juices shouldn’t be avoided completely as they are still a good way to get one of your five a day into your body.