We’re all beginners once. Whether you’ve just taken up cycling or you’ve been riding for decades, all of us have made many of the same mistakes along the way.

From dressing incorrectly for the weather to misjudging the amount of food you’ll need for the ride you’ve got planned – these are the things that come with practice, and even then we sometimes get them wrong.

Getting your saddle height right can often come down to guesswork when you first start riding, but knowing how to adjust your seat will lead to a more comfortable and more enjoyable ride.

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Likewise, the British weather is rarely kind to us cyclists, with a range of seasons hitting us in the face each time we go out. Being over prepared is always better than being under prepared when it comes to clothing choices, so take that neck warmer on winter rides just in case.

Take a look at our video for a guide on how to avoid the most common mistakes we make when we start cycling.