Orica-GreenEdge have won plaudits from around the cycling world for its excellent Backstage Pass video series, but the spoilsports at the Giro d’Italia have forced the Aussie team to think outside the box a little bit.

Because the Giro organisers sell the rights to show the race to various broadcasters, Dan Jones and his multimedia team at Orica-GreenEdge can’t show any racing action in their daily wrap videos.

But to prove the success of the backstage pass wasn’t a fluke, Jones and co used a bit of lateral thinking to recreate a sprint stage at the Giro d’Italia using a play mat and a variety of kids’ toys.

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It’s unclear whether the toys actually belong to the team and form part of the post-race analysis, or whether they were procured specially for this video, but either way it’s absolutely excellent.

Riders Sam Bewley and Luka Mezgec provide the commentary for the race action – remember when the stray horse wiped out the back of the peloton? That was a great moment.

Then the sprint for the line sees Orica’s very own little Superman, Caleb Ewan, flying for the line, but, in a certain irony for the team who once got their bus stuck under the finish line banner, the Lego toy hits the structure and loses the victory.