It’s a chore that few of us enjoy, but one of the perks about being a professional cyclist is that you rarely have to clean your own bike.

You could go out on the muddy cobbles at a Paris-Roubaix training ride and then just chuck your bike at a mechanic and be safe in the knowledge that when you come to ride it the next day it’ll look good as new.

To test the mechanic’s skills, though, the guys at Muc-Off decided to pit Team Sky‘s Sam Hayes versus one of the team’s soigneurs Marek Sawicki to see who could clean a bike the best in five minutes.

Unsurprisingly, given he does it pretty much every day of the year, Hayes was pretty decent and quick at cleaning, while Sawicki – more used to dealing with bidons and food bags than chain lube and sponges – was a little slower off the mark.

Using Muc-Off’s full array of cleaning products, Hayes got the bike in good nick by the end of the five minutes, seeing off Sawicki’s challenge.

Somewhat controversially, though, the Muc-Off adjudicator only marked Hayes’s at 7.5 out of 10 – something that will surely be brought up at the mechanic’s next performance review.