A lot of us will remember our first ‘long ride’, especially if you suffered horrendously throughout it.

Now in his seventh season as a pro rider, Alex Dowsett regularly rides over 100 miles in a day, but when he was starting out in cycling as a youngster that kind of distance was a bit of a challenge.

The Movistar man reveals that when he was in his early teens he entered a 90-mile sportive, having previously only done 40-mile training rides.

According to the former UCI Hour Record holder, he made it to the 70-mile mark before coming down in a crash, bringing quite a few of his fellow competitors down with him.

“My dad had to take the bike to the bike shop to be repaired and there were three or four people there doing the same thing from the same crash, so he wasn’t too popular,” Dowsett said.

And did Dowsett injure himself in the crash? “I think I came off lightly compared to some.”