Arguments in the cake aisle of your local Aldi store isn’t necessarily the best way to get your point across to a driver who’s just cut you up, but that’s what happened between Grahame Cooper and a local driver last week in Bolton.

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Cooper, 58, approached the driver, who he filmed passing him closely twice as they both made their way to the location, and later posted the video of the rapid fire exchange on his Youtube page.

He believes that the driver did intentionally after Cooper rode outside of the cycle lane.

“He was in front of me in Aldi so I just thought I would leave the camera running and ask him politely to give me more room,” Cooper told the Manchester Evening News on the incident.

“Before the second overtake there is a cycle lane but I couldn’t use it because it’s over the apex of a bend and I’ve been cut up there a lot of times before.

“Also, there was a tanker crash before Christmas and there’s still rubbish and mud in part of the cycle lane and sand from preventing the fire. My contention is that he saw I wasn’t in the cycle lane and did what’s called ‘a punishment pass’.”

Cooper, a retired lecturer at the University of Salford, writes his own blog on cycle safety and space for cycling at the website