Cast your minds back to December and you’ll remember the new video we posted of Danny MacAskill performing some trademark stunts in Gran Canaria.

It was pretty impressive, right? Well now you can watch a snippet of the video in 360-degrees and see what Danny sees in a cool virtual reality-type situation.

Using the latest technology from GoPro, part of MacAskill’s was filmed at all angles, and on YouTube the viewer can now navigate their way around to choose the angle that suits them.

Simply click on the arrow buttons on the top left of the video to see the different angles on offer, which includes a virtual point-of-view shot of what the rider would see, as well as a view from above, looking down directly on MacAskill’s helmet as he launches himself off the side of buildings.

The Scottish trials bike rider is known for his daring rides, which have included riding the Cuillin Ridgeline on the Isle of Skye and completing a loop-the-loop over the River Thames in London.