Mark Cavendish might be battling to return to fitness ahead of the Tour de France, but the Manxman is still finding time in his schedule to coach eight of his namesakes towards the Prudential RideLondon sportive.

The imaginatively named Team Cavendish consists of eight other riders called Mark Cavendish, featuring a mixture of those who were born Mark Cavendish, and a handful who have apparently changed their name by deed poll in honour of the 30-time Tour de France stage winner.

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The whole thing is a marketing stunt by Amstel which has challenged the eight Mark Cavendishes (but not the actual Mark Cavendish) to take on the RideLondon sportive to answer the question “can any other everyday person bearing the name ‘Mark Cavendish’ also achieve sporting glory?”

In the video of their “boot camp” it’s fair to say that a few of the Mark Cavendishes looked pretty hapless on two wheels, but the actual Cavendish is apparently confident that this training session on a vehicle testing track in Essex has them “fully equipped to train for the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100”.