This year’s Tour de France will offer riders a chance to fight for stage glory over the course of 10 stages as they fight to get their hands on the coveted green jersey or maillot vert. 

The sprinter’s competition has been dominated in recent years by Slovakian powerhouse and two-times world champ, Peter Sagan, who has won the last five jerseys.

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However, with a whole host of riders nipping at his heels, he’ll need to be on top form as he and the other fast men battle it out on stage two from Düsseldorf to Liége. There could be a following four chances to to win in the next week of racing.

After a hiatus in the mountains, sprinting will resume on stage 10 following the race’s first rest day in Dordogne. Stage 11 will be a good chance for sprinters to boost their morale as the peloton heads into the Pyrénées.

Stages 16 and 19 will provide some comfort for Sagan and co with chances to add another notch to the victory tally right before the peloton enters Paris for the final showdown on stage 21.

The fight for the green jersey is usually a done deal by this point as seen in previous races but the glory of winning an all out sprint in the nation’s capital will motivate even the lowest of morales.

The Tour de France will set off from Düsseldorf on July 1.