Want to practice your sprint training? Just get an ostrich to chase you down the road – that’ll get you to your top speed in no time.

Two cyclists in South Africa found themselves in this bizarre situation as they rode down towards the Cape of Good Hope near Cape Town as they prepared for the Cape Argus Tour.

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Oleksiy Mishchenko, who uploaded the video to YouTube, wrote that he saw the ostrich on the bushland to the left of the road, which then sprung onto the road and started running after his two companions.

Ostriches can top 70kph on a good day, so the cyclists had to put the hammer down to avoid death by pecking, eventually outsprinting the beast just before they reached the end of the road at the southern tip of Africa.

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“My guess he wanted to show off in front of his girlfriend, I bet she was very impressed!” wrote Mishchenko under the video.