Cycling Weekly August 15 2019

Letter from the editor

Over the years there have been any number of halfwits who have taken it upon themselves to discriminate against cyclists. Usually it’s the newspaper columnist who wearily trots out the same boring rants that, I suspect, even they’re bored of.

The latest anti-cyclist drivel is from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead no less. After first threatening cyclists with legal action for doing nothing but meet for a ride, claiming they were a nuisance, they last week issued a further letter to clarify the situation around Velolife cafe near Reading (see story on page XX). It included this contender for most stupid sentence of the year: “Cyclists are welcome to use the facilities, but must not arrange organised meets that start, end or stop off at the cafe.”

So according to this letter that was widely circulated on social media, MD Duncan Sharkey, who signed off said letter, it seems that cyclists are welcome to use the cafe; they just can’t travel there by bike.

It begs the question, when is an organised meet not an organised meet? Is an organised meet a ride with a recognised leader, at a set time with a predefined route? Or is it just some clubmates organising themselves via a WhatsApp group? Who knows where the line is? The council clearly doesn’t.

Mr Sharkey ends his letter to local cycling clubs by saying the borough is cycle friendly.

I beg to differ.

Simon Richardson,
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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