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Letter from the editor

This week’s big ride feature is all about a hill I know well — as will many (on and off-road) riders from London and the South-East. Leith Hill is the highest point in Surrey and offers an amazing variety of riding on and around it. And there really are eight different ways up. One of those is permanently etched into my memory.

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Keith Butler, of Surrey League fame, was known for his vicious hilltop finishes. In 1998 he finished day two of the Surrey League Easter three-day at the top of Leith Hill, taking us up the steep, narrow, twisty Tanhurst Lane. This came at the end of 80 miles in freezing rain.
I remember being stuck in the wrong gear because my fingers were frozen solid and I couldn’t flick my STI gear lever over. I struggled up, overgeared, focused on the road ahead. I say road, there was water flowing down it, so it was more like a stream.

I made it to the top in the top 20, quite happy with myself. I then realised it was five miles downhill to the HQ. I remember simultaneously crying and laughing on the ride back. One rider ended up in hospital while half the bunch didn’t bother starting the next day.

I haven’t ridden up that side of the Leith Hill since.

Simon Richardson
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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Cycling Weekly magazine January 17 2019 issue, on sale from Thursday priced £3.25