Cycling Weekly January 24 2019

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Letter from the editor

The adventures of Conor Dunne and Larry Warbasse (pages 28-31) was one of the most uplifting stories of 2018. Their #nogotour was a hit on social media and reminded me of how I used to feel when riding my bike as a kid.

We probably all think that the pros are having a great time riding their bikes — who doesn’t want to get paid for riding their bike every day?! But things change once you do something full time, for a wage, with the pressure to perform.

Reading of their joy rediscovered through the freedom of riding their bikes wherever they wanted, reminded me of that feeling of getting to the end of my road. Left or right was the rest of the world and the next town 
a new, exciting and undiscovered place.

So one day this year I plan to do something completely different on my bike. My own mini ‘NoGo Tour’. Perhaps I’ll get a train somewhere new and ride home. Perhaps I’ll take a change of clothes and stay overnight somewhere I’ve never been before. But it will be something that isn’t on my usual roads or focused on a speed or power output.

If you’ve got any ideas or challenges for a one or two-day adventure, let me know — I may take you up on it.

Simon Richardson
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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Cycling Weekly magazine January 24 2019 issue, on sale from Thursday priced £3.25