Cycling Weekly March 12 2020

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Letter from the editor

I can’t decide whether or not us cyclists are the best prepared for a public health crisis or the worst. We’re all obsessed with avoiding the dreaded cold, but sometimes we don’t exactly help ourselves either.

When I was racing I went to some extreme measures to avoid catching a cold as at the time I worked part time in a bike shop and came into contact with a lot of people. I’d regularly wipe down the worktops, washing hands was nothing new and I always tried to open doors without using the part of the handle that I suspect everyone else used. Easy if you have to push, not so easy if you need to pull.

I once read that chewing raw onion was a great way kill to germs in your mouth, and thought this a good tactic.
My colleagues did not.

My breath stank to the point they’d walk to the other side of the shop when I was talking. I’m not sure what the customers thought.
All this effort would go to waste as soon as I was in a bunch as others happily expelled the contents of their nostrils, sometimes directly into my face.

If all this gets really bad you’ll find me on Zwift, where it’s nice and sterile.

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