Cycling Weekly October 25 2018

Cycling Weekly magazine October 25 2018 issue, on sale from Thursday priced £3.25

Letter from the editor

Every year I think to myself, “maybe I’ll race some hill-climbs this year.” I’ve always been a fan of riding up hills and there are plenty in the countryside around me to train on.

You don’t need to do hours and hours of endurance training for hill-climbs. There are crowds at many of the events and the season is only a few weeks long. They are perfect for satisfying that competitive urge without making too big a commitment.

Then I am reminded how much it hurts. Riding up hills is great. Racing mates up a hill on a ride is even better. But racing hill-climbs is something else entirely.

I have done a few hill-climb events. 
Every time, I started regretting it as soon 
as I rolled up to the start line. I could sense the metallic taste of blood in my mouth before I even started. The self-doubt was even worse: Am I going too fast? Am I going too easy? Is this the right gear?
The internal monologue only stopped when I screamed “why am I doing this?!” in my head.

Then there’s the hill-climb training. That’s even worse. Pushing yourself to the point of collapse when a number is pinned to your back is tough. Doing it on a turbo, on your own, in a garage is nigh-on impossible.

So good luck to everyone riding the national hill-climb champs this weekend. 
I hope you enjoy it.

Simon Richardson
Cycling Weekly magazine editor

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Cycling Weekly magazine October 25 2018 issue, on sale from Thursday priced £3.25

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