Stiff competition: Ribble updates the R872 for 2017

Ribble has updated its best selling road bike for 2017, claiming improvements in stiffness without adding weight.

Ribble’s R872 has long been the company’s best selling road bike and now the bike company claims to have improved on it for 2017.

To be precise, the company claims to have increased the stiffness to weight ratio of last years model – increasing stiffness without adding weight.

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How have they done this? Well, according to the online retailer they’ve redesigned the the carbon fibre layup of the road bike. Unlike its previous iteration, this model now uses both T1000 and T800 high modulus carbon fibre.


Integration of the fork and head tube is a common trend in the industry

What’s more, the R872 has adopted the same integrated down tube and fork crown that’s found on its sister bike the Aero 883. This follows a common trend of integration across the industry in general.

Thanks to this addition, they reckon that the frame head tube stiffness has been increased by 26.5% while the fork’s lateral stiffness is up 26%. Ribble also claim that stiffness has been increased by 15.4% around the now oversized bottom bracket.


An oversized bottom bracket should added stiffness

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Likewise, oversized chainstays have added “14% stiffness” to the rear end, according to the British company. Of course, we can’t verify these percentages, so we’ll have to wait and see.

In terms of ride quality, it looks like the company wants to have its cake and eat it – claiming to have also added comfort despite these dramatic increases in stiffness.

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This comfort is supposedly added by the 27.2mm seat post and sloping geometry of the frame. Which, according to Ribble, will allow for a greater seat post length to be run, in turn giving more flex.


Stiffness boosting chainstays

Boldly, they also claim to have lost none of the stiffness “at the heart of the frame” despite this.

Regardless, the bikes predecessor has proven hugely popular amongst British cyclists, so we’ll wait and see how the R872 performs.