26th April 2010   Words: Matt Lamy

Jersey politicians recently voted 
to make it compulsory for all under-18s to wear a helmet while cycling in public places on the island. However, a move to make helmets compulsory for adult cyclists was rejected by just a single vote.

The debate to change the law was instigated by Deputy Andrew Green, whose son Christopher suffered a brain injury after a fall while cycling when aged nine. The vote for making helmets compulsory for under-18 cyclists was passed with 33 votes to 16, while the vote for adults was rejected 25 to 24.

Questions are already being asked as to how the law will be enforced, particularly as it will be hard to spot who is 18 and who is not.

  • phil edwards

    In an age where we’re overrun with health and safety it seems ludicrous that this isn’t already compulsory. Like the previous contributor says it took forever to make it law for moped riders to wear helmets. Have we learned nothing?

    It seems common sense that this should have been sorted by now, bu then what do I know?

  • joe skill

    everybody should wear a cycle helmet because if you come of your bike and bang your head your could not be able to ride your bike or even worse you might even die. just think teenagers and adults could be riding their bikes upto 15mph and if you com a bike at that speed it is going to hurt. in majior cycling events the cyclist all wear protection on the bodies and head , so i say make it law. back in the early 70s nobody wore helmets riding mopeds ,they found alot of people could of been saved if they were wearing a helmet so they made it law