Any pretence of an accord between Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong during the Tour de France was destroyed yesterday when the Spaniard spoke candidly about the Texan at a press conference in Madrid.

Contador, who claimed his second Tour de France win on Sunday in Paris, explained: “my relationship with Lance Armstrong has been nonexistent,” according to AFP.

“Although he is a very great champion, I have never had admiration for him [as a person] and I never will.

“There were days in the hotel that were more difficult than out on the road.”

Contador described the situation as “tender and delicate” and went as far as saying that the relationship between the two riders “rubbed off on the rest of the team”.

Armstrong was quick to reply to Contador’s comments via his Twitter feed.

“Seeing these comments from AC [Alberto Contador],” wrote Armstrong. “If I were him I’d drop this drivel and start thanking his team. Without them, he doesn’t win”.

Ironically, Contador had little to thank Armstrong for in the end, who if anything, was another rival to contend with, not a team-mate.

Contador attacked on the seventh stage to Arcalis, crossing the finish line smiling and gaining 21 seconds on Armstrong in the process. The Texan felt that Contador had usurped his leadership within the team, and his traditional strategy of attacking on the Tour’s first mountain stage, claiming afterwards that Contador’s attack was not “in the plan” of the day.

Indeed, Armstrong (and team manager Johan Bruyneel have) yet to publicly congratulate Contador and instead of attending a team party after Saturday’s stage to Mont Ventoux, he dined with representatives of his 2010 team sponsor, Radio Shack.

Armstrong berated Contador for losing the race lead in Paris-Nice in March after suffering from an attack of the hunger knock. “Hey pistolero,” Armstrong said referring to Contador’s trademark victory salute. “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’. What did I say in March? Lots to learn. Restated.”

Even Bruyneel chimed in on his Twitter feed to castigate his soon-to-be erstwhile protégé stating: “Sometimes it is better to be silent and thought a fool, than to speak up and remove all doubt!” 

Armstrong is contracted to the new Radio Shack team for 2010, taking with him Johan Bruyneel, whilst Contador is rumoured to be moving to Caisse d’Epargne, perhaps even Garmin for next year.

Wherever they end up, they will certainly be glad to be on opposing teams.

  • Proud American

    Seems pretty lopsided in here doesn’t it,I mean AC will be a great rider and Champion in a Post Armstrong re-retirement,but i believe he has unnerved a man he shouldn’t have{ LANCE ARMSTRONG],i believe Lance again lay waste of the entire field once more possible with AC staring at Lances back as he sees him go for another stage win in the mountains and onto another Tour De France Win,and for all the doping in the sport by so many other riders trying to keep up with LA,he himself has been the most tested and not found guilty of any doping by any legitimate lab or agency,but i still see a lot of morons in here with there drivel and anti American bravado,i guess we Americans must just have one unique ingredient that so many other counties do not,which is perseverance,that is our driving force,i guess yours isn’t just high enough to compete in cycling or anything,but at the end of the day i do have respect for both these men,i just wish i could say that for some of the morons in here.

  • Nathan Healey

    There are no words in performance. It is a spiritual revelation in experiencing the present moment. In riding; Armstrong, Cantador and the other 178 starters of this great race mostly forget all words as they enter the spiritual realm beyond all words in which we who have experienced this phenomena call this realm the zone. Words fail to describe the zone. It must be experienced. Conflict can effect the athletes performance and words of tactics and riding for the team un questionably affects performance. The public are unaware of the psychology surrounding riding for the benefit of the team. That may well be good for improving the bottom line in as far as the sponsors are concerned, but the public roar for their countryman, or favorite athlete, as man and machine battles against all that the tour can throw at him in overcoming the many obstacles 3500 kilometers of this cycling classic can throw the athletes way. For this fan, the sooner they do away with radio telephones on riders, which to mind is equal to performance enhancing drugs in delivering results, and let the riders be free of all performance enhancing assistance as they battle for stage, mountain and GC results within the realm of bike and rider against all that each race provides, the sooner we will leave the bitterness behind. Forget what Contador, Armstrong and others may or may not have said. The bike race these two great athletes and the other finishers presented to the millions around the world will live on in beautiful memory long after there fleeting words and perceived differences have disappeared.

  • Chris

    “Hey man! What’s with all this anti-Lance b******t!? He is THE MAN!

    That little Spanish dude needs to WATCH HIMSELF, there’ll be smackdown in France next year when Big Tex comes back with his team and not a bunch of Borat wannabies.

    We all know who the real winner of this years Tour is. Bring it on!”

    You give Americans bad rep.

  • Brian Carlisle

    The controversy surrounding Lance Armstrong`s behaviour, both on and off the bike, will continue for a long time. We all have our opinions on the matter.
    I am disappointed that a man who showed tremendous courage in recovering from cancer and then went on to win seven consecutive TdF`s, should attract so much negative publicity in the cycling world. It baffles me that he managed to develop such a poor relationship with the French for so long. I worked in France over a three year period and saw no reason why he was so antagonistic towards them. I found- and still find – the French to be friendly, helpful and cultured. I am convinced that most of the problem was of Armstrong`s own making.
    Frankly I expect a much more mature attitude and magnanimous behaviour from a seven times winner of The Tour. Armstrong shows all the attributes of a bully and control freak riddled with jealousy.
    Alberto Contador was signed by Astana as team leader but that all changed when Armstrong appeared on the scene. We will never know the half of it but it is clear that Armstong`s treatment of Contador was shameful.
    As for Bruyneel – well would you buy a second hand car from this man?
    In closing I think it is safe to say that Armstrong`s fashion item – the black socks have not caught on nor are they likely to. Perhaps he suffers from cold feet and wears black to attract the heat.

  • Paul Enticott

    Richard Ashton – They are not “His books” – they are Fanboy books written by a ghostwriter.

    I myself had bought some of this “Fanboy” stuff – indeed I was so interested in Armstrong that I carried on and read “LA Confessionel – les Secrets de Lance Armstrong by David Walsh & Pierre Ballester – a fine piece of investigative journalism, which came as a huge shock to me.
    I then read “Bad Blood” by Jeremy Whittle – who was not in the “Anti Armstrong group – until he also did research on LA.

    In a nutshell, if you want to continue to support such a man, please read the books – and you will begin to understand his relationship with Dr Ferrari – and how he threatened Greg Lemond,Simeoni, Frankie Andreu etc,etc.- I burned the “Fanboy” stuff in disgust

  • Chris

    Agree wholeheartedly with the coments from JC .
    The Tour this year has been interesting and exciting, spectators figures through the roof on the roads , and figures from the TV companies out last week prove the same – love him or hate him he has the X factor – glad to see him back – inspirational .

  • John Daigle

    This article also mentions the seventh stage to Arcalis, as if Armstrong was surprised and upset after the stage. I’d like to draw your attention to these comments from Armstrong before the stage: “I know Alberto wants to assert himself in the race, and I don’t need a team meeting to know that he’s ready to go. If he goes, and nobody can hang onto him, then I’ll just stay with the other leaders. That’s the way to be.”

    Which is exactly what happened, and exactly what Armstrong did. It was exactly the right attitude for a teammate to have, and exactly the right thing for a teammate to do. And it was consistent with his comments and behavior throughout the race. So exactly what is Contador’s complaint?

    He is basically upset that the most successful tour duo in the history of the sport wanted him to follow their advice, and got mad when he didn’t. Fair enough. But they didn’t exactly cut his legs out from under him.

  • Richard Ashton

    If Lance Armstong had been welcomed into the team the story would have been diiferent, he came third without a team, what would he have done with his ‘big blue’ around him? He has forgotten more about stage racing than most will ever learn, he may have lost some acceleration, but could that be that he had not had any real support?
    The man has done more for cycling and convalescents than most others, read his books and you might understand the man, he has been an inspiration to millions, not just cancer sufferers. I am 65 and still cycling after a quad bypass, Lance Armstrong has changed the world, and me.

  • Wilson

    To date I have not seen anyone point out the flaws behind this Lance worship as much as the author of this blog. I encourage you all to go read this man’s article – The Church of Lance Armstrong. The article can be applied to any set of comments in rabid support of Lance, whether here on CW or anywhere else on the internet. I for one was shocked but the honesty and truth behind all of it is startling. Its time the fans of Lance really washed their face in cold water and looked into the mirror. Who they heck are they really supporting? I think its becoming very clear now.

  • JC

    No other sport is split in views the way the ‘Armstrong’ factor divides cycling fans which is a great pity. Can you imagine Golf fans spewing similar views as stated on this site next year when Seve attempts to come back from horrific Brain cancer , Can you imagine F1 fans doing the same regarding the return of Schumacher ? Some of the people who have made comments on here should sit back and digest what they have written.
    Armstrong is the most tested athelete in the world – that is a fact – he has not tested positive to date – another fact.
    In 1997 he started a Cancer charity Livestrong – to date it has raised $300 million for Cancer research and projects – this charity has recently gone global – another fact .
    He rightly or wrongly concentrated on the TDF during his career which has led to an outstanding 7 victories and now 1 podium finish after 3 yrs away from the Sport at the age of 38 yrs old an uttterly remarkable achievement.
    He raced this year without salary for Bruyneel which is why he came to be in the same team as Contador , Bruyneel himself now having 9 TDF victories to his name another remarkable feat.
    Contador is the star of tomorrow without doubt a superb display which correctly saw him being coveted in yellow, but how long before the fans start questioning how he climbed up verbier without breaking sweat – questions are already being asked on many intenet sites – a great pity that this sport cannot accept its champions and move forward without always having to take a side swipe at them after all of their efforts .
    Yes the two figures clashed this year at the TDF who cares ? It made it a damn site more interesting then 2008 thats for sure.

  • John Daigle

    The idea that Contador didn’t benefit from having Astana working for him is ridiculous and completely ignores what actually happened in each tour stage. Armstrong never attacked Contador. He never helped anyone else attempt to counter Contador. He watched Contador’s rivals. He followed their attacks and made sure they were not in a position to isolate Contador. Contador always had a teammate with him until he was ready to attack. The team sheltered Alberto. He was never in the wind. He was, in fact, directly behind Armstrong most of the time on most stages, being protected. He was brought water, jackets, food, kept near the front, his team drove the pace, and Armstrong fulfilled all the duties of a super-domestique. He drove the pace, he led into the hills, he pushed the other riders. Then, after all that work, Contador decided to take a podium spot away from the team for no reason, helped his rivals, and claimed that he had gained the victory despite his team rather than because of it.

    Watch some tape of the tour. There were three Astana riders with Contador on the Ventoux. Three. Three guys to drive the pace, three guys to watch his back until the end. Whose wheel was he on until Andy attacked? Just watch the frackin’ race.

    They have yet to congratulate him? He has yet to say thank you. To anyone on his team. And he owes a thank you.

    Why was he so fresh at the final time trial, and able to destroy his rivals? Because Wiggins had to ride alone, with Armstrong on his wheel, on every hill, while Alberto sat on Kloden, Armstrong, Popo, and the rest of the Astana cast. Evans was so isolated that he basically cracked in week two.

    No one wins the tour alone. Contador has always had help, in every GT, and to think otherwise is just fantasy.

  • Jimothy

    Going back to the national anthem incident: I hear it was the Danish anthem they played.

    Maybe everyone else realized this straight away and i’m being slow on the uptake, but isn’t Michael Rasmussen Danish? Nasty stuff. Why has no-one kicked up a fuss about that?

  • Stuart St.John

    What a pity that after the greatest sporting event in the world has taken place it is partly marred by ‘bad-mouthing’ & snide remarks. We should appreciate the last three weeks for all that it has given us including a great pedal-dancing champion, a possible closer contender next year, a fantastic third-placed cyclist & not forgetting our own British supermen.

  • bobikes

    Chicago Tom, Contador taking off and leaving Lance? have you forgotten the very day before that Lance did the same thing, getting into a break and leaving his ‘team leader’ to fend for himself. All his pre-tour chat about being there to help, help who? after Levi was out there was only one to help, as usual himself.

  • Dangle, Ireland

    How many teams has LA ridden in where there are mulitple leaders – Leipheimer rode several tours with Lance but was never considered a co-leader. In fact never heard Armstrong say in the past “we’ll fill the podium”, it always was and always will be about Lance. Hats off to him for what he previously achieved, legendary, but a blind man could see that Contador and A Schlek could have ran away with the tour. That was the Schleks downfall because if Andy had cleared off up the road with Alberto, Frank would eventually left Lance. Alberto – great champion, Lance – great champion, disgusting team mate, Johan B – typical backstabbing leech. How Bruyneel can nurture Alberto and cast him aside to make some money next year shows the true nature of the guy….he’s backed the wrong horse this time………….

  • bobikes

    When are we going to get rid of that idiot Phil Ligget? “a great decsender, nobody goes as fast as this guy going downhill on the flat”, here comes Big George, Lance is still the great one, “Contador does’nt have the itelligence to build a team”, Contador did not need a team, judging by Lance’s performance. If Lance does come back with a new team what idiot would want to be subjected to his slavery?

  • paul jones

    two great champs wanting to win the biggest race in the world not unusual that they are not getting on with each other.Thats just how the top sports men are ive worked with a few over the years and they think that they are the only ones that matter but thats how they win single focus win or die,its not tiddle winks in the school play ground .As good as Contador is he needs a good team around him he needs to focus before slaging off one of his team members he needs team loyalty end of.

  • Lancealot Liggett

    I know many people like Armstrong. How? Because I stand up for my self. I don’t come across as hard, thereby inviting these vultures in for what they assume in their ego to be easy pickings, the resulting melee is always quite hilarious and they always try to get revenge, always without revealing themselves but never really able to cover up, the same scenario being played out during(hidden) and post(revealed) tour and when you really understand what lenghts Armstrong will go to to stop his sworn enemy from stealing his success, remember that everything Armstrong supposedly stands for is based on an original lie which has to be reinforced constantly to hold back the flood of truth that threatens to overwhelm his Empiric lie, that being that he stands for good and honesty. Liggett is an apologist for him in every way that he can be, we must wonder why, I know why and I believe more will be revealed on that aspect of the tragedy(1) sooner rather than later.

    (1)tragedy: n) a dramatic poem representing an important event or series of events in the life of some person or persons, in which the diction is elevated and the catastrophe melancholy; that kind of drama in which some fatal or mournful event is the main theme; a fatal or mournful event; any event in which human lives are sacrificed; an even causing great suffering or stress.

    When I, as I sometimes do, to get a better grip on a word, checked the dictionary Anglais(Bloombury reference Dictionary) for this word I had no idea that it would describe the TdeF so accurately, it’s astoundingly accurate.It’s tragic.

  • SJS

    As none of us can wait until next year for Rd.2 could some entrepreneural genius put the money up for Alberto to ride in the Tour of Ireland? (Armstrong already a declared rider) Wicklow Mountain would be a fair old battle ground

  • Colin Reynolds

    Have enjoyed reading all the comments above. The problem here is that they are two people from different worlds who have the same ethic which is to win at all costs. The old and the new champion perfectly illustrated on the podium showing of their gut feelings towards each other. They have been a joy to watch throughout the tour acting out a sub plot, keeping the speculation of who is the boss within the team and who is the probable fall guy. Personally I thought that Armstrong would steal the show but as far as the overall race went, then there would be only the one winner, which was correctly proven. Good luck Lance and Alberto

  • ray pare

    Why did Lance ride the Tour this year he has 7 wins if he had any brains he would give us all a break
    7 tours thats about 140 stages does he need to do this any more he just cant leave it alone

  • Chicago Tom

    Forget how Contador took off and left his team high and dry the first time. The second time he cost Kloden a podium finish. If Levi was there, they may have fought off the Schlecks. Remember that Contador had three and four team members in front of him for more than 75% of the time. Astana even with Levi out still won the team championship. This was a team that could have had the top four spots or a worst four of the top six. Lance’s old teams never had this depth. They assembled to get one person to the top. This was a great team with Kloden fight with Levi for third position. How many second tier riders will want to race with him?

    If anyone saw the WHOLE TDF you heard the two British announcers call out Contador for selfish tactics. He was like a little kid throwing a temper fit. Very talented kid but still a kid. Armstrong was out for three years and still finished third with a steel plate and twelve screws in his collarbone. He may not be first next year but his team will be top notch. Look for the younger Schleck to beat Contador next year if he does not try to pull his older brother up every hill with him.

  • Timbo

    For a nice amusing tonic to Lance’s bitterness, look no further than

  • chocoa

    lance is great
    true! Yet if not for the 40 second gift in stage 3 from his mates in Columbia; bradley wiggins would be on the podium not armstrong.
    I have to agree with many of the intelligent posts here; AC was handicapped with lance on his team.
    Armstrong also illustrates the pitfalls of twitter.
    Next year is going to be great!

  • Jimothy

    I can’t imagine what it was like for Alberto during the tour. Apparently his radio mysteriously stopped working during the ITT, and they played the wrong national anthem for him on the podium in Paris. Makes you wonder….

    Armstrong reminds me of one of those playground bullies you used to see at school – they would always have a loyal underling sniggering and agreeing with all their bitter little schemes. I hope the tour organizers bar their new team from next years race.

    In any case, it takes true guts to stand up to that kind of intimidation, and Bertie comes out of this looking like a real gentleman.

  • roger burgette

    Thought Lance was good rep for cycling now he’s just a cry baby who just split up a team arragont SOB. That’s all he wanted his old team back can’t he race like AC with grace he just bullies people to do as he wants. Love that AC kicked his texan Arse.

  • Charlie Kendall

    Alberto Contador’s win this year must surely rate as one of the greatest of sporting triumphs in adversity, especially when it comes to the mental strength it must have required. As the winner of the last three tours he had ridden he certainly deserved to have a great team to support him. Then Lance decides he wants in on the action, and as opposed to joining another team and letting Contador beat him hands down, tries to undermine him from within and take his team away from him, surely the only plausible way of neutralising the threat posed by the Spaniard – but still AC comes through. It must surely have been very tempting for him to have left Astana and join another more friendly team when Armstrong was allowed in, but to his credit he stayed on and won it with less than half a team working for him. The enemy within. Having bitten his tongue for so long and then candidly mentioning that he had no relationship with LA and doesn’t admire him, he then gets slated by the press for an “attack on Armstrong”. Lance was (and is) an amazing cyclist, but you only had to look at his body language on the podium to tell that he was far from happy for his “teammate’s” victory. Then for him to say that Alberto should be grateful to his team. That really takes the biscuit.
    ¡Olé! Alberto. Congratulations. Let’s hope Bradley Wiggins doesn’t make it quite so easy for you next year!!!

  • Tom Knox

    Lance may still have a tour victory or two left in him, but I think it would have been better to have stayed retired with rumors abounding then return and remove all doubt. Self absorbed to the extreme. It is obvious he thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Not only after looking at the report on his 1999 B samples and his involvement with BELCO. But also in his day to day disrespect for the sport in general. With no tests for such drugs as RSR-13 during the Lance years his victories should be viewed as Berry Bonds Tours. He just never seemed to me to have the depth of character that defines the other great athletes I have watched and competed with. The sad thing is, because of his out of control ego, he made AC’s life hell during a tour that should have been a celebration of this gifted your rider. And to believe I used to respect the “Lance Groupie” Bob Roll. He is a Cancer on the sport. But I better bite my lip on saying more.

  • David, Ireland

    What Armstrong lacks is the dignity of a great champion. He has done an amazing job in coming third this year but blown any creditability in his Post Tour comments. As we say in Ireland, ” you wouldn’t be bothered borrowing a tenner to have a pint with him “. Also would you want to be on a team managed by Johan Bruyneel ? All he appears to have done is listen to his Lord and Master. Any future protegee will be more interested in having a manager that will look after his interests rather than a relic from the past. A lot off damage has been done to Lance Armstrong and Johan Bruyneel’s reputation in the last three weeks with Contador coming out of this Tour with an enhanced reputation of a dignified champion, where you would want your kids to emulate his grace and dignity. While there may be another side to this story, it has been a Bad Day at the Office Lance and Johann in he Public’s eye !

  • Patrick

    How anyone can justify the pathetic “Twittering” from Armstrong and Bruy is beyond me. Complete dis-respect for a multiple grand tour champion. Childish, Throwing toys from pram, intimidation……..all words that spring to mind.

    since when has Wiggins been a “TT Specialist”. Funny My recollection is that he is a Pursuit specialist. 2 Very different disciplines. And how did Contador beat him? The same way he has beaten him numerous times they have met……By having a better aerodynamic profile compared to his total power output.

  • Andrew

    So just how did Alberto beat Cancellara in the final time-trial? While riding into a headwind that pushed back all the other GC contenders – including TT specialists like Wiggo?? I think most of the people above should take off the rose-tinted specs. Lance isnt likeable – for sure. But in what other sport has someone come back from 3.5 years away to the very top of the sport?? That should be regarded as a phenomenal physical achievement. As for the rest, lets drop the drivel.

  • Ash

    Lance should be seen as an inspiration to us all. He had a damn good go this year knowing that age was not on his side. He didn’t know which way it was going to end up, didn’t give up, and I for one know that the next twelve months he will be pounding the tarmac, training and racing to be as sharp as nature lets him. I just hope that he is standing 12 inches higher than AC on the podium! Can’t wait!

  • biafra

    Contador is a Spaniard, and as such, a member of the global village that uniformly condemns the Yanks fast food culture, imperialism, and global warming.

    Modest European riders have been increasingly forced to take dope to contend with loud-mouthed Yanks weaned on sat fats, who are looking to Disney-fy this noble and ancient sport for profit.

  • Colin Carritt

    This spat between two great riders is a shame. No one can doubt Armstrong’s strength, endurance and canny intelligence. He is also ultra-competitive and if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have seven Tour wins to his credit and a third place this year. Contador is the young pretender and has the ability to return and win the tour for a third time. Let’s not allow this personality clash to obscure the superlative efforts and athleticism of these exceptional two cyclists. Bravo Contador AND Armstrong.

  • Graham Duff N Ireland

    Contador was undoubtedly the best but Lance is right in that he has a lot to learn. Cant help but feel alot of these comments are the usual anti americana brigade.Lance made the Tour what it is now.

  • Craig – Cybiom

    Giving credit where credit is due; irrespective of personal hurts, hates or prejudices; is the mark of a fair man. Based on reports in the media, my own opinion is that LA has arrived at the summit in the yellow jersey for this stage!
    Lance – Thanks for all the lives you will have saved as a result of your efforts – My Mum did not survive – she died age 46 before i went to university!

  • SJS

    Crikey, no wonder AC did such a brilliant ride in the TT! and just how did Armstrong get away with wearing a different helmet to the rest of the team?

  • John from St. Louis

    Dexter – thanks a lot, I never heard a whisper about that.
    Here’s the BBC translation of the most important part of the Contador video:
    “Well, my relationship with Lance is zero. My relationship with him is zero. I think that independently of what his character is, he’s still a great champion. He’s won seven Tours and played a big part in this one, too. But it’s different to speak at a personal level. I have never really admired him that much, or will ever, but of course as a cyclist, he is a great champion.”
    Add in the bits about the hotel being the worst part, and it affecting the rest of the team and staff, and it’s still really tame after the abuse he had to take.
    A promise from Bruyneel at the Astana Camp in Tenerife: “If Lance is not the best, he will become the best teammate Alberto could ever have dreamed of,” he said.”

  • Justin Peters

    Most nice guys dont win, its the self driven, arrogant, obnoxious single minded ones that do. They strive to obatian their goal any way they can and dan those who stand in there way. There are some exceptions in world sport, Roger Federer perhaps. Armstrong is what Armstong is, a winner, an arrogant winner. We all admire him both for how he recovered from illness and how he has attacked in the TdeF in past years. He did not have the legs this year, he probably wont have them for next year, but with clever tactics and a strong team he can still compete. The TdeF should be more like the Vuelta, more mountain top finishes. Teams should also be reduced to 5 riders, thus stopping Columbia HTC chasing down breaks and Astana and Saxo dragging their GC contenders uphill, you call also then have upto 36 5 man teams, all the best riders in the world in their own teams as undisputed Number 1’s.

    Having said all this, even as a great fan of Lance, Contador was brilliant, and I feel that it was only team orders and Lance’s dominant personality that prevented him thrashing the field. Why oh why didn’y AC attack on Mont Ventoux and win the stage like a super hero he is, I felt he was doing his best to help Lance out whilst having to cover A.S. attacks.

    Contador rode with champion legs and has my full respect for his conduct.

  • Brad Homiston

    Lance originally said he would support Alberto as team leader if he was the strongest. He also said that his comeback is about the Livestrong message. Nothing could be further from the truth. Lance is all about Lance. He’s a disrespectful, arrogant shell of a man. I used to not really care for him one way or another. Now, I would say that I completely despise him. He has no class. He will get beaten again next year. And, when he runs for political office, I hope that he’s beaten again.

  • Stephen

    I think any knowledgeable cycling fan knows what sort of a person Lance is.He has gatecrashed the Astana team and tried to take over.When he was racing upto 2005 there was only one” numero uno”,and yet it’s ok for Armstrong to insist on there being more than 1 leader.this year Contador only needed a team for the TTT.He was so strong in the mountains the heeither dictated the attacks or was able to deal with being outnumbered by Saxo Bank.
    As for the rumour about Andy Schlek goiunt to Armstrong’s new team;Well he would be mad to do so as long as Armstrong is still riding.Why would he leave agreat team like Saxo Bank to race fpr Armstrong???

  • Dexter

    I don’t think many here understand what Contador was talking about when he talked about how difficult it was at the hotel. To get a better insight, I suggest you look at this article in the Spanish publication Diario Sur entitled “A Tale of solitude”

    Here’s a translation: It happened on Thursday, a few hours before the Annecy ITT. Contador came downstairs to the entrance of the Palace of Menthon, the luxurious Astana hotel. The Tour was on. He looked right, then left. Nobody, nothing. No Astana cars or helpers. Cold sweat. Quick time check. Where are they? The hotel is several kilometers from the start. There he was, the leader of the Tour, in flip-flops, bag in hand and alone. He went to the hall looking for an answer: Armstrong had ordered the helpers to go pick up his wife, kids and friends to the airport. Contador left his room last because he was the last one starting the ITT. Armstrong had managed to take away his means of transportation. The straw that broke the camel’s back. Hot flashes, he was rabid. He called his brother Fran. He came to pick him up by car and took him to Annecy in a private vehicle. He left last and finished first. His best victory. In the ITT. In solitude. The same way he has won his second tour.

    Contador’s toughest climb was not recorded in images. It was narrated by others. It was fought in the hotel and the bus: during one stage, Armstrong sat his guests at the very back of the bus, right in Contador’s usual seat. One more provocation. Armstrong to the luxury suite. Contador to sleep with Paulinho, the only ally. Same deal during the entire tour. Mouth shut, listening to Armstrong’s jabs: it doesn’t take a Nobel prize to figure out what happens with side wind. Contador didn’t reply in the hotel. He did on the road. He attacked in the first mountain finish in Arcalis. Without permission from Bruyneel, Armstrong’s DS. That night the Astana hotel was a funeral. Red eyes from the Texan (anger? crying? not sure). The first cyclist that stood up to him. And he did it in silence.”

  • Chis NNC

    let the legs do the talking. nobody goes uphill like AC.

  • woopet

    Totally endorse the criticisms of Armstrong and his dog-in-the-manger attitude. And as for Bruyneel’s team management … what a joke. The man is just Armstrong’s stooge.

  • SJS

    I re-read Daniel Coyle’s ‘Tour de Force’ during the last few days of the race, tells you just about everything you would want to know regarding the mindset of the Armstrong entourage.Chilling words indeed. Try it.

  • Brian

    Lance won’t win another tour as long as Bert is riding in the same race.Lance is throwing all his toys out of the pram, post tour defeat!

  • American Dad

    Hey man! What’s with all this anti-Lance b******t!? He is THE MAN!

    That little Spanish dude needs to WATCH HIMSELF, there’ll be smackdown in France next year when Big Tex comes back with his team and not a bunch of Borat wannabies.

    We all know who the real winner of this years Tour is. Bring it on!

  • contafan

    well i just think armstrongs been bested off the bike as well as on it by Contador.

    what a sore loser. and a deluded one at that!

  • Patrick

    So the poster above thinks the sport would be another “Marginal sport” without Lance? Not sure what you’ve been watching, maybe the TV coverage in the US, but few people care in Europe and outside the US care about whether Lance is in the sport or not. Personally, i think he has shown everyone what most thought already. His pathetic and childish twittering is making him a laughing stock and the sooner he re-retires the better. I thought his comeback was all about the cause of cancer. Seems not…..with these childish outbursts from him and his “Gang”, he allows the cause to be put into the background by these antics……and all because of his ego. A pitiful and pathetic individual. Champions are made by more than yellow jerseys or trophies. They are created by their ethics and morals as well. Will be glad to see the back of him soon.

  • David Irvine

    “I’m genuinely at a loss as to why there seem to be so many people against Armstrong.”

    Please research Lance’s relationship with one Dr. Michele Ferrari.

    For a man who loudly talks of his own ethics, Armstrong’s loyalty towards doping is reprehensible.

  • Thank you

    Finally somebody says it as it is. Armstrong needs to leave for good. To top it all off, now he is trying to sign Andy Schleck (he does not want Frank –not a big enough threat) on his Radio Shack team (remember Roberto Heras??)…. If you can’t compete with him, buy him out. What a disgrace.

  • Lou, London

    I agree with the comments, Lance needs to grow up! Contador is the greatest rider of our time as this Tour has shown. He is an amazing talent and needs a great team to support him which he would have had if Lance hadn’t decided to ‘raise further awareness about cancer’ and come out of retirement. I don’t know about you but I think you may have to have been hiding under a rock for 30 years not to have heard of cancer or even Livestrong. It’s a shame that Lance feels he needs to retaliate in this manner, AC was just being truthful, it must have been a truly painful experience to have the Lance circus roll into town and divert the focus of the entire tour onto his return when we should be talking about the absolutely wonderful, inspirational performances of Wiggins and Cavendish, the Shleck’s and AC himself. There is no doubt Lance is a great rider, one of the true greats but you definitely don’t need to like his Texan politician’s demeanour! And once again GO WIGGO! Can’t wait to see what he does next year!

  • Callum

    There’s no i in team but there is an M+E like armstrong should know.What about him the texan leaving contador at the hotel on the time trial day without means to getting to the start.If it wasn’t for A.C.’s brother he wouldnt have won.Oh silly me wasn’t that the plan all along.Armstrong should have stayed retired as he’s a bitter old man.Wait till next year and A.C. puts proper time into him.Unless of course there’s a 100km t.t.t.
    THE BEST MAN WON against all odds.Armstrong and his twittering is just childish and stinks of biterness.What a horrible man.

  • David Roscoe

    I’m genuinely at a loss as to why there seem to be so many people against Armstrong. For what he has done for this sport everyone should be grateful. Without him I am sure cycling would be still be another marginal sport that enjoys it’s once a year moment of ‘Wimbeldon-esque’ spotlight rather than the resurgent force it now is. I (and most of the people I ride with) would never have gotten so addicted to this great sport if we hadn’ first been sucked in by the allure of the Armstrong phenomenon. For so many people to then turn their noses up at him ‘because he’s old’, ‘becasue he only focussed on the tour’, ‘because he’s not as good as Eddy Mercx/ Contador/ (insert name)’, ‘because he had cancer’, ‘because he must have cheated (think Ulrick, DiLuca, Rasmussen…)’ is laughable quite frankly. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Planet Armstrong exists for a reason and that is because deep inside most of us want to believe and for that I’m grateful to Mr Armstrong and hope he smashes the arrogant little spaniard on the slopes of (insert mountain) next year. Can’t wait.

  • Stuart Grainger

    “Indeed, Armstrong (and team manager Johan Bruyneel have) yet to publicly congratulate Contador ”

    Didn’t Armstrong say that he felt Contador would have definately beaten him in 3 of his wins and that he wouldn’t have been better than the Spaniard in any of them.

    The only thing than stops Cycling News being a 100% great mag/website is your obvious dislike for Armstrong. He’s not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s unprofessional to be so biased in my opinion.

    After all, if he’d not been there this year AC wouldn’t have got half the attention and regards he did in the world’s media for clearly being the best. Beating andy Schleck by 4 mins would have meant nothing to the outside world…

  • hey

    There is no way Garmin would have Contador. They pride themselves on running a clean operation. You can draw your own conclusions about AC’s performances during the TDF this year.

  • Colin Burgess

    The sooner Bert finds a team that can appreciate his talent the better for him and the sport.

    It has been the kiss of death for being in an Armstrong led team

    Congrats Bert for winning both battles

  • Conor McHugh, Ireland

    ‘Wherever they end up, they will certainly be glad to be on opposing teams.’ And Senor Contador is likely to continue to beat Mr. Armstrong, not least because Contador is in the prime of his live and Armstrong will be 39 this time next year.

    Also, Mr. Armstrong’s priorities lie elsewhere…..and I don’t mean cancer campaigning.

  • Annika

    I think Lance Armstrong needs to sort himself out. To me he’s just acting like a spoilt child! Lance is just pi**ed that he didn’t win any stages or the Tour, as he had expected to! Contador would be much better appreciated in another team. LANCES LOSS!!!!