Angry at the fact that a cyclist was taking up too much space on the road, a motorist ends up chasing the rider and taking an unfortunate fall

Warning: This video contains VERY strong language.

We’ve got a new contender for Britain’s Angriest Driver – rivalling the South London cafe owner who threatened to break a rider’s neck – after a motorist took offence to a cyclist riding on the road.

When the Peugeot made a close pass on the rider on a residential street the cyclist chased the car down to let him know. This didn’t go down well with the driver, who leant out of his window and shouted abuse – all while his young passenger looked on sheepishly.

After a verbal exchange, during which several threats were exchanged, the driver parked up, marched up to the rider and put his hand over the camera.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.29.29

“Why don’t you get a car?” the driver then asks incredulously, walking back to his car.

Rather than letting the situation go and riding off with video evidence of the assault, the cyclist draws level with the stationary car once more and caused the driver to get more irate.

>>> Irate driver confronts cyclist in San Francisco (video)

He then got out the car and started chasing the rider down the pavement, aiming a kick and his rear wheel and getting his comeuppance as he stumbled and fell into the road.

The comical chase occurs after the three-minute mark in the video, but be warned: the whole thing contains a lot of swearing.

  • Karl

    I think you are confusing this disgrace of a thing with an actual human being

  • Vera L

    You are protesting way too much. Sounds as if you’re trying to convince yourself. For my 2c, you come off as a pompous fool, not particularly clever at all. I’d suggest if you want to see a dearth of intelligence, you need look no further than the mirror.

  • I Know the Truth

    My question would be, “Why do you keep trying to sound intelligent and well-informed when you’re obviously not?” :::wild applause::: thank you, thank you…. “mental midget”, I mumble under my breath as I sadly shake my head at this wannabe piece of ‘humanity’??(G4m3r) and slowly, sadly walk away… saddened by the dearth of intelligence on the planet these days…

  • I Know the Truth

    …and, by the way, I DO appreciate your suggestion that I have an argument with you but I don’t see the challenge there. Thank you though!

  • I Know the Truth

    Well, I am for real sweetiepie. And if you think that was “polite”, come back when you turn 14 and I think you will see it in a different light.

  • I Know the Truth

    Sweetcheeks, you don’t know me, but I will give you my word as a gentleman that you have never and will never see the day when you could possibly spar with me intelectually. People like you sadden me… you’re pathetic wannabes that think they can hide behind a keyboard and insult people. You have never had a challenge in your ENTIRE LIFE as would be if you attempted to match me academically, intellectually, or jes’ plain ole common sense. Free advice: grow up, educate yourself, start out a bit smaller… setting your sights high can be admirable but in your case it was just silly. And let the adults talk here.

  • G4m3r

    Nice necro post, but your statement is irrelevant and unintelligent. You suggest something with no evidence or argument provided. Perhaps can I suggest having an argument with a child, it may be more on your level?

  • I Know the Truth

    As if you know.

  • I Know the Truth

    I suggest this is how YOU would act when you don’t get YOUR way.

  • I Know the Truth

    Here is the point blank truth. The motorist should have beaten the holy hell out of that criminal delinquent bicyclist. The little insignificant speck of humanity (I use loosely) should thank God every single day that he is alive after putting motorists’ lives in jeopardy that way.

  • RobTM

    Well as he passed way to close it was reasonable.
    The kind of guy who tries to commit assault, is NOT going to respond better to wooly stuff like “I felt a bit nervous.” It was bad driving, unsafe driving.
    There’s another video of woman who says, “Please don’t knock me off!” and another type, ran after her and committed an assault.
    Drivers are surrounded by a lot of metal, heavy deadly vehicles.. it’s NOT about “feeling a bit nervous”.

  • Jay

    I think both cyclist and motorist in this incident doesn’t warrant our support. They are both in the wrong and could have play this out alot more gentlemany. The motorist was frustrated of following him and the cyclist was frustrated he passed to close. But if you look at the footage again, it was quite a narrow street with parked cars on both sides and the car did not deliberately ‘squeeze’ him. IMO, the cyclist just decided to make a big fuss out of nothing and one of his first few lines was he will upload this video. Thinking he could use the camera as a ‘weapon’ for defence. I’m a active cyclist and he is a little wank*r.

  • Jay

    No he didn’t. He was frustrated and shouted out to himself “way to close” then already mumbled to himself the license plate and then he proceeded to chase the car down around the block to tell him off. He definitely was asing for a confrontation. His first words to the motorist was “Too close mate! You passed me way too close” which is already accusatory, and then he went on to challenge the man by asking him “is it what it says on the highway code”?
    The motorist was definitely out of line but the cyclist definitely provoked him. Could he not being more polite and said “Hi sir, when you passed me by that narrow street, I felt a bit nervous? We both know its a narrow street so lets share the same road a bit better please. Thanks”. And be on his way.
    Lets not forget he already had the incident on footage so he didn’t really need to have debacle and could have just gone to the police station if he alleges his rights was indeed violated.
    Just a vigilante with a video camera and thinks he’s Mr Righteous.

  • blank

    i’d love to run one over lololol

  • blank

    cyclists please stay off the roads. Everyone hates your fucking guts.

  • Marty

    cool dive nobby !

  • Dids

    Whilst for one moment I do not condone the motorists behaviour. He was acting outside the law. The cyclist is goading him. If he felt that aggrieved with the original incident, avoid conflict and report it to the police with his evidence. His actions just aggravated the situation. It was if he wanted a reaction from the motorist with some of his words

  • Miguel Mendez

    Lack of judgement from the cyclist.

    *** Never ever follow a driver. Check local police, there should be a hotline for incidents like this one.

    *** If you do decide to follow the driver, wait until he gets off the car and leave a note on the windshield with a VERY polite casual reminder to be watchful for cyclists.

    I understand he passed by very close, but my friend that is average passing distance where I live. We got wider roads and no vehicles on shoulder meaning drivers have plenty of space to move out. If I would do the same for every car I would not finish any of my bike rides.

    Remember also, drivers tend for some reason, to accelerate right at the moment they are passing by the bicyclist. I do have that tendency when its me passing over a cyclist. Its almost a automatic reaction, like when walking by someone at the mall or in a park. One rarely uses the same speed, but steps it up a notch.

    I would have let it go, its a area with tons of cars so it is expected and even if he did it on purpose pissing him off is not the correct action.

    I would have apologized and shake hands with him and trust me, its a win win for all. I bet you next time he will be more considerate. I have done it, the driver is screaming and the moment I say I am sorry Sir, etc, the driver changes, he never expects it.

    By making him more angry all you are doing is putting in harms way the next cyclist he passes by…


  • COL S. Trautman

    I hate the drivers with the flawed logic of: ”if you’re not wearing a helmet I’m allowed to kill you”.

  • Jonboy

    When he fell over and landed on his head, I bet the driver wished he’d been wearing a helmet! Pillock

  • Rachael

    This person’s channel is full of videos of him doing asshole things while riding on the road and filming people getting angry at him. I don’t care what the fucking law is, bottom line, I have a vehicle that could kill you so don’t go 20 miles under the speed limit and expect me not to pass you.

  • David

    I can say with absolute certainty each time it is pointed out to a car driver who has passed so close to be dangerous , that their response will be aggressive and possibly abusive. The reason is in why they passed to close to start with; yes they saw the cyclist, but being a member of the ” you are not insured and taxed and need to get the #^(> out of my way ” school of thought means they have nothing but contempt for cyclists and as such , confronting them is futile , foolish and inflamatory. I speak from experience and the evidence in the collection of videos from this cyclist. The question is how do we tackle the problem of being put in life threatening situations by a minority of motorists?

  • Sean Evans

    The motorist should have been wearing a helmet!

  • Will Jones

    Monarchy’s slaves’ contesting among themselves.

  • Roger

    Of course they can.

  • Scott Gee

    Heart attacks can’t be wished on anyone. So who cares,Roger?

  • Sam

    Guaranteed this is the sort of bloke who already detests cyclists and needs little encouragement to get involved in a full on confrontation and judging by his motor skills should he be on the road anyway?

  • RS

    Yes, “we” do. He is my brother, and he has been in a terrible state since his wife, whom he adored, died of cancer in March. He has two small children and is struggling to cope. People like you make me sick.

  • Andrew Shepley

    I am a regular cyclist commuting to work, as well as road cycling around Northumberland for pleasure, so I see my fair share of terrible driving AND cycling (caps for emphasis). However, having watched a few more of this guy’s videos on YouTube, I think he needs to calm down a bit, and maybe take a few deep breaths before confronting drivers. In my experience, I have never had a positive outcome from confronting anyone. You either get abuse or ignored, and I would be prepared to bet that there are very few drivers that modify their driving after being confronted by an angry cyclist. By all means submit your footage to the authorities if you think it’s necessary, but cycling defensively with good awareness will give you the most benefit in my opinion.

  • Noel Boyd

    What a wonderful slomo swallow dive on to the pavement. Priceless! I have not laughed so much since Grandma died. 100% deserved as his demise was a result of his inability to discuss the issue in a calm and sensible manner. He seemed to struggle with the English language, so maybe Open University would be of benefit. If not, then anger management may help if he can keep his mouth shut long enough.
    Do we know who this gentleman is?

  • JJ

    Superb, Mersey Cycle Cam ! 🙂 (That part was hilarious)

  • Roger Storer

    Two bike cameras though? really? I see a lot with one, but never a rear and a front.
    Some cyclists are victims. Others are idiots. Some cyclists obey traffic laws and get some marshmellowhead almost ramming them off the road. Others go through red lights, at night, with headphones on and no lights.
    Are cyclists victims when they knock people down on zebra crossings? No. Are cyclists victims when they are knocked down by cars? Most of the time, yes.
    You must cycle by yourself in the country to not see some cyclists giving the rest of us a very very very bad name. And you don;t help by believing we are all angels and ‘victims’

  • Denise Blalock

    Hope he broke his leg. He should take up cycling and lose some weight.

  • papafrog


  • David Riddell

    Wow… that’s one angry little man. I think the cyclist should have been a good citizen and gone back to see if he was alright lol. Makes you wonder what the police’s response to these videos are. These wankers are accidents waiting to happen. The car is obo’s intirely in the wrong.

  • saddler

    Yes I agree with you about cycle paths, on my commute to work there is a cycle paths but it only goes a few yards up the road then your back on the main carriage way. But the surface of the road on the cycle paths is so bad it is dangerous to ride I’ve nearly come off my bike due to the pot holes. Also if there is broken glass in the road, where do they sweep it? Straight in the cycle path. So it’s more safer to ride in the road way.

  • Piet Hein

    You get annoyed if there’s a cyclist on the road and a “suitable” cycle path available? So who are you to judge what is suitable? And are you not aware that cyclists are under no obligation to use cycle paths? Anyway, if you find it so annoying to share the road with other people who have every right to be there, maybe you should use a “suitable” alternative like public transport.

  • RobTM

    Perhaps next time she drives there, she’ll stop at the lights. Not every driver would have seen her and stopped, once they had green, one next to me didn’t luckily she didn’t drive into that lane.
    The point is actually, careless & dangerous drivers being annoyed is typical and it’s NOT about facts what so ever.. just their EGO!

  • lustra

    Sorry for calling you a thug after your thuggish comments. You’re really just a little keyboard warrior.

  • lustra

    You are an ignorant Troll.

  • lustra


  • papafrog

    Since you insist on making it personal by calling me a “thug” twice, might I suggest that judging by your 1458 comments and counting that you need to get a life. 🙂

  • Paulie

    The cyclist was an obnoxious twit. He got what was coming to him and less of it than he deserved.

  • Paulie

    100% right. Be ready for other road users to make mistakes and be charming even if they almost kill you. It costs nothing, is less stressful, and makes life more pleasant for all concerned.

  • Paulie

    That is utter nonsense. There was at least 1 m between the car and the bike, and lane was clear to his left. The problem is basically that he is a useless cyclist.

  • lustra

    Lots of cyclists use cameras because they are regularly subject to careless or dangerous driving. The driver deliberately used his vehicle as a weapon by making a punishment pass and I don’t blame the cyclist at all for confronting the driver. As I say you are as much a thug as the driver.

  • papafrog

    The cyclist inflamed the situation by stalking the driver and who brings a video camera on a ride? Maybe he wanted to film all his cycling friends he was riding with. 🙂 Let’s face it, both guys in this video are idiots. Both should be punched in the face for various reasons.

  • Neilo

    Yeah and I’ve got a burnt out 1981 Ferrari 308 gtb in my garage, which I is probably worth about 2 pence. That doesn’t stop them being fantastic cars.

    Indeed. She is my daughter and what she has to do with this is that she knows more about compassion and humanity than you appear to. And she doesn’t think much of your idea of checking the driver’s tax and insurance either; in fact I think she finds it idiotic.

  • lustra

    The driver got the bad name as he was arrested and charged.

  • lustra

    I would think that exposing dangerous driving which endangers cyclists would be considered good by most cyclists.

  • lustra

    Lots of cyclists have cameras because they are frequently endangered by aggressive, incompetent and distracted drivers. The problem is with the drivers not the cyclists, who are the victims.

  • lustra

    Wrong. The cyclist was going quite fast and riding out of the door zone. The driver should have slowed down. The driver does not have priority.

  • lustra


  • lustra

    The cyclist was riding out of the door zone in the correct position.

  • lustra

    The driver is a criminal.

  • lustra

    A dangerous driver was exposed and charged by the police so this does cyclists a big favour. You clearly are the troll here.

  • lustra

    The cyclist was riding out of the door zone and should really have been further out in primary position. The driver committed several offences and he was arrested and charged. Your hope that the cyclist gets punched indicates that you are as much a thug as the driver and I really hope you don’t have a driving licence with such a shocking attitude.

  • lustra

    Look at the rear view camera. It was very close and the driver didn’t attempt to slow down.

  • lustra

    So it’s OK for a driver to endanger a cyclist but the cyclist can’t confront the driver because that won’t be popular in our very car-centric society. This is not some trifling popularity contest.

  • lustra

    The driver used his vehicle as a weapon by deliberately accelerating past the cyclist much too close. The driver instigated the whole thing and then reacted like a thug.

  • lustra

    But the cyclist perfectly reasonably explained that the pass was too close and was met with a barrage of threats and abuse.

  • lustra

    The driver admitted several offences and received a caution from the police.

  • lustra

    The driver was charged with a public order offence, assault, and threats to commit criminal damage. He admitted the offences and received a caution.

  • Michael Le Houllier

    I used to be quite overweight, myself.

  • Michael Le Houllier

    I have never been to the Netherlands, but don’t they have bicycle lanes separate from the motorized traffic lanes (at least that is what I have seen in documentaries on them)? That obviously isn’t the case in this video, or in the rest of the world. In racing, we are required to wear helmets, even if it is a closed course. I would feel naked without a helmet on my head, but most cyclists don’t ride in excess of 30 kph on the roads, either.

  • Budgie Smuggler

    For someone who seems to think what the law is , then when ever has not wearing a seat belt been 3 points, It’s a Non Recordable offence , carries zero points , in other words by not wearing a seat belt you are not a danger to other road user. If your going to ask other people what a Crime is then it maybe worth doing a little research yourself as if you can’t get this right then what else is wrong in your message? Maybe worth you doing a refresher course.

  • liquidprotein

    There is no way that someone acting in a courteous and non-threatening manner can be held responsible for ‘provoking’ the reactions of this overgrown child of a Peugeot driver.

    All the cyclist did was pull the driver up for passing too close, then question the increasingly ridiculous statements the guy was coming out with. People often react badly when a mirror is held up to their unjustifiable behaviours – this is known as cognitive dissonance. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it, especially where important issues are at stake.

    If you still believe the cyclist deliberately provoked this driver then perhaps drawing him out of his car was the best strategy, because if if comes down to a conflict (which the Pug driver initiated btw) a car can outrun and severely injure a cyclist, whereas a middle-aged, out-of-shape 16-stone Cockney clearly can’t!

    On a lighter note, I can’t watch this without hearing the Michael Caine quote from ‘Get Carter’. You know the one 😉

  • saddler

    Yes, annoyed her even more. What’s the point in that? Are you just out to annoy other road users?

  • The Awakening

    Perhaps these were the charges;

    [1] ANGRY man driving a car without wearing a seat belt.
    [2] ANGRY man parking on double yellow lines.
    [3] Assault on cyclist, after the ANGRY man who was driving a car, was informed that he was not wearing a seat belt, whilst driving a car.
    [4] Assault/Attempting to damage private property by kicking the bike, after ANGRY man driving a car, was reminded to use a seat belt.

  • The Awakening

    The cyclist tries to inform a motorist that he has done something wrong and also explains he is avoiding the ‘door zone’, whilst cycling and over taking parked cars.

    After watching this a number of times, IMHO, this ANGRY man driving a car, SHOULD be made to retake his driving test.

    What I can’t decipher, is when the ANGRY man threatens the cyclist, when he has his hand over the camera. What I am trying to decipher is this threat from the ANGRY man;
    “Would you like your throat carried?”

    What is the ANGRY man attempting to convey in that threat?

    For some reason, this whole ‘sketch’ reminds me of a ‘Basil Fawlty moment’, bashing an Allegro(?) with a shrub, when he got mad once in Fawlty Towers…

  • Man in motion

    What was the aftermath? Did the cyclist go to the police as he said he would? Does anyone know if the rest of the story made the news?

  • Steve Blowers

    This has happened to me numerous times whilst riding. I used to let it wind me up but have now decided it is not worth the stress. As others have commented, both the motorist and cyclist are arses. Let’s just try and be nice to each other, even if we are wronged. I find being polite on the road is infectious whether I am cycling or driving

  • Tea_Addict

    It appears that the motorist got out of his vehicle of his own volition. It would verge on defamation to accuse Noone of forcing him to do so.

  • Tea_Addict

    Most cyclists in the Netherlands do not wear helmets. In doing so, Noone would be rather unusual.

  • Tea_Addict

    Where, where?

  • rocky

    Great end result, Pass close and slow that was not slow enough

  • RobTM

    Come on.. you “let them know” and are likely to get verbal abuse or threats. Noone made Mr Angry get out his car and attempt assault.

    These types are dangers to all road users, not just cyclists; when you’re driving a car it’s much harder to talk/discuss such with someone. Last time driving I pointed out to a woman waiting in queue on roundabout next lane to me, that she’d driven through a red light, (I had green about to pull out); she swore and denied it. Camera footage would have proven otherwise and annoyed her even more.

  • RobTM

    There’s plenty of evidence.. the guy passed quickly too closely, where traffic is narrowed by parked cars. The guy road around the ped, crossing at junction, the footage was speeded up.
    Riding faster than a fat Mr Angry can run, is perfectly warranted given the intent to assault, my criticism would be he didn’t ride faster but tempted Mr Angry into the kick of rear wheel, leading to his total humiliation and police caution

  • RobTM

    he wasn’t telling him off, he was telling him what he did. Just because we know, abuse is likely doesn’t make it right that you’re intimidated to discuss RT offences that put you in danger with car drivers

  • RobTM

    Except it seems in the Netherlands, where noone seems to wear a helmet, there’s millions of cyclists everywhere and fewer head injuries than we have deaths according to Boardman’s info piece in TdF coverage

  • RobTM

    No, he tried to explain & discuss the effect of passing too closely. Yes, we KNOW an abusive response is likely.. I get that for alerting pedestrians who are wandering about on quiet road or cycle path, to my prescence so I can safely pass whilst giving way to them.

    It’s later on, after the “no helmet” that the safety belt gets mentioned and the cyclist becomes annoying. The assault occurs in attempt to steal the camera and destroy evidence of Mr Angry’s offences. He’s accepted a caution now, so has a criminal record

  • RobTM

    Looking at it again, the cyclist actually made his point politely and reasonably; response abuse and threats which don’t surprise anyone. Later he did push buttons, mainly by being legally right (helmets and seatbelts); if you do try to discuss an incident / offence with a motorist then you accept drama and a risk of escalation.
    So I think you’re wrong, the guy is an activist and actions do annoy people. It’s like police brutality and shooting clips; they show something people don’t want to know/believe

  • Stephen Parrino

    Karma is a bitch.

  • Jason Alex Pisani

    cyclist simply could’ve avoided this…he wanted a reaction and set out exactly what he wanted to achieve,,,…i think he is a lucky time he might not be so lucky…get a fkn life…

  • Neilo

    She writes better English than you as well. She’s probably a better cyclist too.

  • captainPerfect


  • RobTM

    Thanks! And not me, spent long enough trying to make points clear; didn’t give a monkey’s about perfect spelling. Personally I ignored the language pedantry. I’m sure this post has mistakes to.. ho hum, it’s the net not an English exam 🙂

  • Jon

    That would have been a shame as it is comedy gold.

  • Jon

    Good point well made, but you spelt embarrassed wrong and “never mind” is two words. Are you Flemish? Why are people discussing cycling on this English grammar forum anyway?

  • Johnson

    Oh come on, if it’s not funny then why are so many people laughing at it?

    His being fat adds to the sense of jolly japes, don’t you think?

    All good family fun.

  • Neilo

    Peugeot 405 is actually a fantastic car. It’s certainly worth a lot more than a couple of loser bike cams.

    Also, even my three year old would have enough compassion not to think it is funny if someone falls over and hurts himelf. And she has also been brought up not to look down at people just because of how they look.

  • JC

    Is it really necessary to chase after every motorist that comes remotely close to us when we’re riding? We’re not exactly winning the popularity contest as it is guys

  • captainPerfect

    When the fat man fell that was funny. Also, a joke is that his car is probably worth far less than the bike. In fact it might even be worth less than the two video cams in use. Come to think of it, 2 could be about the IQ of the driver

  • Nic Lowe

    …the fall was classic. I hope the fool can realise his idiocy now he’s calmed down…he has calmed down I hope ?

  • Nic Lowe

    That didn’t look like a very close pass.

  • Does cyclists zero favours tbh

  • Here, here.

  • papafrog

    Beyond the unnecessary profanity, the driver was correct that the cyclist was riding in the middle of a narrow road. Second, the cyclist then stalked the driver looking for a confrontation. The driver could have slowed with a slight honk so he’s also to blame. In short, this cyclist is a total wanker and I hope he gets punched in the face the next time he pulls this crap. 🙂

  • Roger

    What evidence is there of an assault or damage? Neither can be seen on the video.

  • Roger

    Which says quite a lot about you.

  • Roger

    A man falling over and cracking his head is not funny, whatever the circumstances. And his being fat or not is irrelevant.

  • Roger

    The words are not the problem.

  • Roger

    I don’t know what a “stupid-case” is, but, yes, I would keep my cool. The cyclist felt his life was put at risk? Why? There is zero evidence of any risk, even on this one-sided video. The driver got angry after being chased around the block and told off by your camera wielding hero, who managed almost to collide with a pedestrian during the chase and then rode full pelt along a narrow footpath as he fled the scene. He should look at his own behaviour instead of pointing the finger at others.

  • Uggi Kaldan

    Totally 🙂

  • James Henry

    You’re saying it has nothing to do with cycling?

  • Mike Wood


  • Johnson

    He was quite fat, he just wasn’t the jolly type.

  • Michael Le Houllier

    The driver was too close. And yes, in moving traffic, if I can touch you while I am riding at 30 kph and you are going faster than that, it IS too close. Of course, at 5kph, different story. Were I the cyclist here, I would have been in the middle of the road in this situation, anyway.

  • stevefm fm

    Cyclist – ‘Mate, you passed me too close’

    Driver – ‘how f-ing big is that bike’ then goes on a rampage ending in an assault against a person and criminal damage (sounds like) to the bike. Is this man being charged or what?

  • stevefm fm

    You simply wait, good, but this arrogant man didn’t did he? He put another man’s life at risk. It’s not illegal to chase down a car that put your life at risk and say ‘mate, you passed me too close’. That’s reasonable. The Police would do it. The drivers reaction to the polite cyclist ‘how f-ing big is that bike’ AND YOU BLAME THE CYCLIST!

  • stevefm fm

    Roger are you a stupid-case? The cyclist felt his safety was put at risk on the overtake and got a shock. He says nothing out of line ATALL despite an adrenalin rush nodoubt. I’d like to see you keep your cool faced with an irate monster like the fat man in the car.

  • stevefm fm

    No. Listen very carefully to the words the cyclists says. All reasonable, clean language.

  • Johnson

    Look people, the video is funny because the fat man got so angry he fell over and cracked his head.

  • saddler

    Yes I agree, I think cycling with a camera makes you subconsciously look out for confrontation with car drivers. This only makes situations worse. The best way to approach these situations is to ignore them as best you can. I know this is sometimes difficult, I’ve experienced situations like this myself. I’ve found the best approach is, if possible let them know what they have done then just carry on your way. Don’t try to antagonize them that only gives cyclists a bad name. A reputation we need to eliminate not make worse. I agree about the helmet too, I wouldn’t leave the house without mine. A cycling must have!!

  • Twingod

    Is that what you call a pratt fall?

  • Simon Mason

    If the driver wasn’t being “aggressive” then why has plod given him a caution for a public order offence?

  • Roy Walter

    Cyclist bang out of order. Initial pass was close but permissible given nature of street. OK motorist could have stayed behind cyclist. No need for cyclist to chase the motorist. Flick him the v’s and move on.

  • RobTM

    Stevie, ppl post the videos and have discussions with drivers, BECAUSE they’re sick of people passing oblivious to the danger. You get abuse from peds who’re wandering in cycle lanes and quiet roads with pavements, for simply warning them you’re there; nevermind people who actually have driven carelessly but won’t admit it.
    The point is, the guy can search his reg on You Tube, be embaressed and perhaps drive a bit more responsibly in future

  • RobTM

    That is the funny thing about the clip; the guy doesn’t give the cyclist even a few seconds to pass safely, just steams through.
    But just a little later has lots of time to argue, swear and make threats

  • RobTM

    3-4 car lengths isn’t far at all, too short at any speed.
    The basic problem is, drivers don’t understand they should GIVE WAY when they over-take, they just go for small gaps and over-taking on a street clogged up by 2 lines of cars, is always going to be problematic

  • Windymac

    Definitely a fat wanker.

  • Roger

    Well it made me chuckle. Better than cyclist deserved anyway. “Are you? That’s interesting.”

  • Sharing the road goes both ways. Both parties need to be considerate and safety-conscious.

  • Roger

    Yeah I weigh 200 kg and am spherical. You attack me and I will roll over you and squash you flat.

    That man was neither particularly fat nor a w******. He just didn’t appreciate having that tool sticking a camera in his face. I wouldn’t either. It’s a pity he didn’t catch up with him. Then Mr Youtube wouldn’t have been feeling so pleased with himself.

  • roger kealy

    after driving on your roads in the u.k. two things come to mind…the fact that on narrow roads you allow parking on both sides of the road causing trafic congestion ..the other is the bad manners of your cyclists and lack of common sense on busy roads..

  • Bill W

    Really? It’s not exactly sparkling repartee is it? I’ve wiped my ar*e and produced better one liners than that.

  • Danielle van Eck

    WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would have knocked the f’ings cyclist’s HEAD OFF!

  • Daniel Seifert

    It’s better for a cyclists to use the width of a narrow, closed in lane as it prevents too close contact, and keeps the vehicle at a safe point rather than comprising the whole carriage way. Patience is good practice.

  • Roger

    Not that politely. You would have to be very naive to think that anyone would be happy to be told off like that.

  • Roger

    I agree. The driver behaved like a yob, but the cyclist behaved like a self-righteous bully. He played the vulnerable victim but was in many was in a stronger position, being anonymous, armed with a camera, and able to make a quick getaway if things got nasty. This was like bear baiting or a bull fight.

    Anyway, the driver gets 10/10 for one-liners. “Is that what it says in the Highway Code?” “No! It says ‘Knock you c***s over’.”

  • Steve Drayton

    You do cycling no favours in posting this video. Both men are complete arses, but the cyclist edges it in being a troll as well.

  • Roger

    Hopefully the driver will have the wit to recognize that this goon is not representative of all cyclists.

  • Roger

    Yeah. America. Where you get shot for being black. And “freedom” means killing Iraqis.

  • Windymac

    Sure you weren’t fatty. You’re the only person in the country who feels the need to support the fat wanker.

  • Roger

    You would have knocked me out? What are you talking about? I wasn’t there.

  • Roger

    That’s no excuse. He shouldn’t have been cycling on it. And the way he nearly took out that girl while chasing the car (that’s what it looked like anyway) wasn’t too great either.

  • Roger

    That is not true. What is safe depends entirely on the circumstances. And I don’t think what the driver did here looked particularly dangerous.

  • Johnson

    LOL car drivers are FUNNY

  • Johnson

    “The problem with this cyclist’s attitude is that it
    reflects badly on the rest of us and leads to cyclists getting a bad

    The problem with this motorist’s attitude is that it reflects badly on the rest of us and leads to motorists getting a bad rep.

  • Windymac

    Definitely a fat wanker. I’d have knocked you out.

  • Fester Fuchs

    Are you serious? The guy politely points out he passed too close and gets a disgusting profanity laden response with threats and your response is that it puts CYCLISTS in a bad light! Are you for real?

  • Deepdiver

    Brilliant. Another example of a cyclist increasing the hate gap between cyclists and motorists. Well done.

  • Michael Le Houllier

    Loved seeing the fat slob who had obviously not seen a bike in … DECADES … taking a spill…

  • Michael Le Houllier

    There was no legal, safe place for him other than where he was and he had the absolute right to be there.

  • Michael Le Houllier

    Not only in London or in the U.K. for that matter…

  • Michael Le Houllier

    I would pass the video on to the local police station.

  • Michael Le Houllier

    If you can touch the car, the car is passing too closely. That was WAY TOO CLOSE.

  • Michael Le Houllier

    foolhardy to ride ANYWHERE without a helmet, regardless of what the law says.

  • Michael Le Houllier

    Some drivers are absolutely disgusting creatures. Hope he is prosecuted.

  • Serious Starsider

    I would not have considered that a close call but who cares that tumble was well worth it LOL.

  • The Bad Tölz Bully

    As someone who has raced and/or commuted for over three decades I absolutely agree. The problem with this cyclist’s attitude is that it reflects badly on the rest of us and leads to cyclists getting a bad rep. The proper action was to let the narrow pass go or let the motorist know and then ignore his childish reaction. I suppose the self-righteous twerp has the camera because he’s primed for confrontations. Also, it’s foolhardy to ride without a helmet, especially in a city like London.

  • He’s only saying that regular exercise such as cycling will reduce heart disease (note my sarcasm)

  • Jamie Sibley

    Can anyone ID this guy? About time he got nicked!

  • Roger

    Not really.

  • Roger

    Or the car driver wasn’t in a hurry, wasn’t being aggressive, and thought it was safe to pass. It certainly didn’t look that close. Then a minute later some pratt pulls up next to him, sticks a camera in his face and starts threatening him with the police.

  • Roger

    It’s funny only if you’re not very bright.

  • Roger

    Yeah. And if the cyclist hadn’t chased after the motorist, none of it would have happened.

  • Roger

    They usually do.

  • Roger

    Not from me, they won’t. What sort of person are you, wishing a heart attack on another human being?

  • _keyser_soze_

    The thing is – it did look like the cyclist WAS in the middle of the road which is the issue that started the car driver down the road to insanity. I wouldn’t be proud if I was either one of these wankers tbh…

  • ummm…

    when on a bike and put into a dangerous position by a selfish road user it can be very upsetting. Essentially another human being sees you as an obstacle and de humanize you to the point that they can put your life at risk, not indirectly but directly, as a result of your actions. If there was a shootout in your apt, wouldn’t you be upset? Thats why people snap. There is a huge power imbalance between a cyclist and a car. Since you are an adult you wouldn’t fight a child. It would be unfair. In a car you don’t muscle a cyclists , as it is unfair. If you don’t believe that fairness is a real concept, or at least practical in our world, then maybe you are not convinced by my argument. However, the law 3 meters to pass. It would be fair then that the drivers was ticketed.

  • ummm…

    those drivers are not putting themselves into any danger by moving towards the centre of the road. They aren’t entering the door zone, they aren’t turning a straight steady line of movement into a turn off left, then look over shoulder and merge back in. I ride as much as you, daily. I know when to let a car pass and when not to. I dunno how closely that car passed, but with the speed it was carrying, and what I could guess from the image it was not needed. That driver was angry and impatient. If he needed to get someplace, then why does he SLOW DOWN after he passes the cyclist? He was making a point, which was selfish and dangerous. Would you apologize to a lorry that was tired of driving behind you and decided to buzz you instead, while in your car? I get that you have some guilt because your a cyclist and everyone tell you cyclists are nuisances. Everyone says men are violent rapist misogynists. Are you going to apologize for that too?

  • LaszloZoltan

    yup- I had a friend while in boarding school who was flemish- nice guy- bit funny, “didnt feel so good” one morning before projectile vomiting across the space to his roommates bed, then falling back asleep with nary a thought; who lost a ski while on the lift at Kitzbuhl then jumping into a bank after it with ski pole in hand (wow, what happened to you ?).
    nice guy, good times.

  • ummm…

    so a greater offence is cycling down the pavement trying to escape somebody? How so? Explain. I thought it would be pretty offensive to be buzzed by somebody in another vehicle, because they were too impatient to wait their turn.

  • ummm…

    dont be silly. the cyclist “…used the footpath to escape being chased…”. You said it yourself. He wasn’t using the footpath to be an a**. He was using it to ESCAPE. I think it is all very comical, as people with extreme reactions (in the video) or extreme positions (in this thread) tend to amuse.

  • ummm…

    I’m not sure that keeping yourself safe and embracing ones rights is “holier than thou” or “elicits”. When I cycle I will take a whole lane because many times ill be going faster or at the same speeds as traffic. In fact, I get upset when slower vehicles get in my way. But, then I remember that they have a right to be on the road and I need to remember that. Thats right, the cars have a right to be on the road, so I don’t expect them to pull over. I just wait until I can pass safely, or until they pull off out of my way. Funny how life works.

  • Paul Totty

    Stevie, if you pulled over every time a car was behind you you’d never make any progress on a bike.Typically cars are stuck behind you for seconds not minutes .That guy’s impatience could have really hurt that cyclist.

  • pmf170170

    Aye – me too. The cyclist was simply trying to get the motorist to lose his rag – and succeeded.

  • harry smith

    Vigilante doesn’t mean what you think it means. Have you a dictionary handy?

  • Stevie

    I didn’t say either was in the wrong, I made note of how the cyclist could of avoided it all together by being the bigger man.

    Straw man argument* will you please get a grip of your native language.

  • Bob Vargas

    In America we call that a fucked up panty waist cyclist. Put your man pants on and stay off the car path. Or assume the responsibility of wrestling a hunk of iron you dope! Oh, and I ride too. Have been long before you been shitting your pants. I believe you would call this cyclist a bloody wanker.

  • harry smith

    You didn’t make note of the threats to kill, that doesn’t mean you support making threats to kill, so stop pretending your lack of English skills force you to make up straw men arguments.

  • ummm…

    I hear ya. However, I ride everyday in nyc. I would like to install some cctv on my bike. I have never had a confrontation with another road user or pedestrian to the degree that our subject has, but if I am in need of justice or cold hard fact then video evidence would be very convenient. Why haven’t I bought it? Laziness and cheapness. I will probably do so when I have a truly bad experience, but that does negate the immediate benefit. So, installing cameras has merits if you are pragmatic and try to think ahead. Plus maybe it is fun to watch back your weekend recreational rides. Who knows.

  • Stevie

    Language spoken in the north half of Belgium. Similar to dutch but we use different sounds when speaking and the grammar is different.

  • Kevin Murphy

    There is absolutely nothing whatsoever acceptable about the driver’s behaviour… but, yes, both these people are compelte a**es. The cyclist is not doing himself or anyone else any good at all.

  • BrianPrawn

    England, home of the Youtube shi t bag.

  • LaszloZoltan

    is that a cough ? (sorry, no offense intended- have a nice day)

  • LaszloZoltan

    happy heart attack, fat gut. more laughs will ensue to be sure

  • Stevie

    You didn’t make note of the cyclist doing it whilst condemning the guy driving the car for being totally in the wrong. you chose to ignore the fact he had used the pavement and then tell another cyclist who you have never even met he should stop cycling because if he feels he is in danger he sometimes uses the pavement.

    I bet your cycling club is overjoyed to have you as a member. You appear to be so polite and well mannered not to mention welcoming.

    As for my ‘ignorance of written English’ I’m from Belgium and i speak two languages before English. Don’t assume that everyone is the same you arrogant little man.

  • Riggah

    Some haters need to up their dose of anger and are no longer satisfied just to seek
    out offence and get ‘outraged’ over trivial stuff like public figures using words such as ‘swarm’ and ‘jungle’, they now deliberately set out to aggravate and endanger others in order to create conflict. I’m sure we’ve all experienced it at some time, those low-lives who cut you up on purpose. I can understand why riders get frustrated and angry. We’re powerless and in my experience get absolutely no support from the police, even when we have evidence and witnesses. At least in this case the rider gained some redress in witnessing this gobsh— completing his involuntary somersault!

  • Stevie

    been having tuition for just under a year now since i moved to England. Thanks :D.

  • Stevie

    You missed more than an apostrophe. You don’t seem to have mastered even your native language.
    Save yourself future embarrassment: it’s “I’d have” or “I would’ve”. “Of” makes no sense at all. It just sounds that way when you speak it. “Could’ve” not “Could of”, “should’ve” not “should of”, “would’ve not “would of”.

    My native language is Flemish…..

    too late…

    sorry for not understanding fully when its my third language. Flemish and french being the first two. How many do you speak?

  • barraob1

    Idiot driver, I’ve never chased a car down but I can understand the anger when cars pass too close, sometimes it boils over and you get the above. The driver has no right to put hands on anyone, he earned his fall and it was beautiful, the roll was fantastic.

  • Jay Smith

    Odd how they’ve always got a quality set of wheels, these “I’m always right” drivers isn’t it?

  • Simon Patchett

    Shame isn’t it, comments are full of people trying to assign blame, healthy discussion… lol

  • Rich

    i would advise not winding up drivers too…i stuck two fingers up to a driver a few months back (i was irate he passed too close) and mysteriously one of my windows was put through with a marble a few days later. There’s a lot of tension out there. I prefer it out than in which i why i stuck two fingers up (like the Spanish, they express it and it doesnt fester – it’s all said and done, and alleviated by being able to express oneself) but that guy was raging like so many of us British, holding it in and waiting for the ‘rage’ to go pop – which is often breathtakingly savage in this country.

  • Richard Berry

    No, not just an apostrophe. You attempted to contract “I would have”.

    Correct contractions are either:

    I’d have

    I would’ve

    If you’re going to take a fit of peeve at someone’s criticism of your grammar then it helps to get it right at the second attempt.

  • Windymac

    Ha ha ha! Fat wanker.

  • Roland Lawrence

    Indeed the highway code does specifically state that its not your right to push past other traffic just because you are in a faster mode of transport. I love cycling and I also love driving trucks 🙂 so toot toot mother fucker … heh

  • ConstablePlod

    Common sense dictates a cyclist pull to the left (half lane) to keep safe and as a courtesy to drivers.
    Then, car guy honks his horn thanks, cyclist waves and they go on their way with mutual respect and an eye out for each other
    Once they started arguing, both these guys lost.

  • TrevorHoldsworth

    A decent faceplant might have done him a favour.

  • Chrisski


  • Simon Mason

    What I can’t understand is why a driver is in so much of a hurry that he has to pass at all costs, but then has all the time in the world to argue the toss.

  • Marina Gray

    And your command of English is better than most of us could say of our Flemish. kudos 🙂

  • Marina Gray

    If I have to pass a bike and it’s too narrow, I just wait until a more suitable spot, myself. Sure, it’s a bit inconvenient at times (and I get really annoyed if the cyclist is on the road when there is a suitable cycle path available to them, if I’m honest) but I’m not risking (a) hitting someone and (b) damage to my car!

  • bliff


  • Dan

    Is this that same bell end cyclist that had an argument with Range Rover guy? Pathetic worm.

  • Roger Storer

    I almost understand why someone has a go-pro on their bike or their helmet as sometimes you do get bellends on the road. But front and rear cameras? This cyclist clearly has issues with other vehicles regularly to warrant the logic of installing all that equipment. something fishy about this chap…

  • Roger Storer

    There is some really interesting science about whether wearing a helmet is safer or not. I do wear one, but it isn’t as black and white as you make out. First – if you have a crash where the contact speed is above 18mph it is pretty much pointless – after all – it is basically compressed polystyrene. How many motorcyclists would wear a bike helmet? Secondly, whilst there is agreement that helmets make things safer at low level speed, the research shows you are more likely to have an accident with a motorised vehicle if you are wearing one than if you don’t. The reason being (they think) is because drivers automtically assume you are a better rider and so drive around 18inches closer to your bike and therefore cause more accidents. Bizarrely, the thing that apparently makes a bike safer (and less nickable) is installing a wicker basket on the front…..

  • harry smith

    I didn’t condone using the pavement. Does your ignorance of written English extend to making up arguments I’ve never made?

  • Tore

    I think they are both dicks, but mostly the cyclist. He seems to be out looking for trouble. Even though the car was somewhat close to him, he hardly veered when the car passed. Then to cycle for a few block to catch up with the driver and verbally attack him? Jeez! Do you think you achieved anything with that confrontation? Get a life and start using your energy for something good.

  • Steven Agnew

    well said

  • G4m3r

    Not really, thats an archaic illogical thing. I dont agree with the OP but any self respecting intelligent cyclist should wear a helmet. If not for there own safety but to encourage it to be the norm for younger cyclists.

  • G4m3r

    No, the cyclist may have followed the guy and not tried to calm him down but the actions of the motorist were entirely his own and not in any way appropriate or comparable to the cyclists actions. The motorist is a hot headed fool who is clear a danger to others and his self.

    He made clear and significant threats of violence followed by direct physical action on two occasions. I suggest this is likely how this child acts whenever he doesnt get his own way.

  • Stevie

    as from above my native language isn’t English. so YOU’RE condoning the use of the pavement now?

    Resorting to the correction of spelling always leads the way for a lost argument.

  • Stevie

    My native language is Flemish…..

  • harry smith

    Road safety advice from a grown man who doesn’t know how to spell “you’re”.

  • iPedro1000

    You missed more than an apostrophe. You don’t seem to have mastered even your native language.
    Save yourself future embarrassment: it’s “I’d have” or “I would’ve”. “Of” makes no sense at all. It just sounds that way when you speak it. “Could’ve” not “Could of”, “should’ve” not “should of”, “would’ve not “would of”.

  • alfie Noakes

    “Monsters from the Id” from Forbidden planet 1956, great film

  • harry smith

    So you would expect drivers to move their car for you in a traffic jam?

  • Stevie

    The cyclist your defending in the video used the footpath to escape being chased, at least stick to one view point.

  • Stevie

    Oh no I missed an apostrophe, my life is no longer worth living.

  • Stevie

    Not to sure where I said that was the case. It would of been polite of the cyclist to let the faster moving vehicle pass, as is always the case. Just because you aren’t required to do something that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

  • carpog

    Any personal injury lawyers out there? I think you might have a potential customer there if you can convince him he can sue his local council for leaving invisible trip wires strung across the pavement…

  • harry smith

    You make the pavement more dangerous for children and give the rest of us a bad name. Stop cycling, or at least stop using pavements you selfish cretin.

  • harry smith

    why do you think the driver’s journey is more important?

  • james

    the guy on the bike must have realised that this driver is clearly a violent yob. good for him sticking up for himself but you cannot talk sense to these kind of bike haters (and general arseholes)

    “do you have insurance for to be on your bike” nice. there is justice in the world when this yob fell over. lets hope he didnt damage the road too buch, there are enough pot-holes for us bikers to fall into as it is!

    i hope justice is served..

  • Cillian Irish

    Definitely, look at the YouTuber’s other videos too, he is worse in some of those.

  • Freppelepp

    “Id of” ??? Jesus…

  • real


  • DaveAtherton20

    As someone who cycles to work occasionally and does not own a car, my sympathies are with the car driver. I have been on 2 wheels for over 30 years and how I deal with impatient drivers is that I raise my right hand acknowledging they are there and find a gap near the kerb I can pull in a little more. A lorry I will bail out onto the footpath.

    The Holier-Than-Thou attitude of cyclists elicits very little sympathy, if not hostility from non-cyclists. It is you militant cyclists who insist on staying in the middle of the road, having no empathy for other road users that alienates people so much.

    The car driver was marginally wrong overtaking and maybe a quiet word or sarcastic comment is warranted. Neurotic, full blast justification, chasing after and banging on to the car driver, means the cyclist has lost any pretence to the moral high ground.

    I will repeat I am a cyclist and my sympathies are with the car driver.

  • NitroFan

    The idiot in the car is a typical example f the kind of moron most of us on bicycles have to deal with on a seemingly daily basis in London! I do hope he damaged his pointless gob in his aptly named pratfall

  • ‘sorry’ is a word rarely spoken by a lot of people these days – especially on the roads!

  • haha hilarious, epic fall from the big guy! Im sorry but if a car passed a bit close (and didn’t hit me) i would just carry on with my ride as it obviously passed with enough room even on a tight side street – I wouldn’t pursue the car and try and confront someone as it’s not going to make a blind bit of difference and you don’t know who is going to be in that car! I don’t get these vigilante cyclists with cameras, half the videos I watch I end up thinking they’re the biggest idiot at the end of it!

  • Dead Sheep

    Have the Police bean involved? It is not clear from the article.

  • Stevie

    Its dangerous to do so on a busy road not on a side street in which the only traffic flow is that of you and the other car. Also if you allowed the car to pass by moving in you’d simply check for more oncoming vehicles before moving back out.

    There is also no need to ‘dive left’ there is a gap of 3-4 car lengths simply ease up on the pedals move half a meter to the side and allow the car to pass.

  • Mike Mac

    you’d think he would bounce better ……….needs a few more pies I think

  • Stevie

    Id of expected him to of not chased the car down as ‘Two wrongs don’t make a right’.

    The cyclist went looking for confrontation as a lot of cyclist in such clips who appear to be on a power trip just because they have a go pro strapped to their chest, head or bike. If the driver had stopped and caused the confrontation initially then yes it would be justified, this however was not the case.

  • Carfanatic

    What is it with people these days? must they deliberately force confrontation, instead of just letting things go? Both idiots.

  • harry smith

    It’s really dangerous to dive left then try to merge back with traffic flow. Your advice would make the ride more dangerous.

  • Simon Patchett

    A quick “sorry mate, I didn’t realise I was so close passing you back there” would have seen this encounter over. Everybody makes mistakes and bad decisions. At that point no one was hurt, and everyone could have moved on with their lives. It’s sad that we have to attack each other verbally and physically for these things to make the media.

  • Huddo

    Look, this is an internet discussion place, so it goes against all the rules of the Internet but… Yes. I agree.

  • @chivers67

    Unfortunately you have an ignorant angry impatient motorist who doesn’t understand why a cyclist doesn’t ride close to parked cars in fear of being Door’d. He got his comeuppance really. Wait a few seconds cyclist moves over everyone’s happy, “buy a car” yeah that’ll help with congestion…

  • martin_lowe

    …if you don’t wear a helmet you void all rights to say anything

    That’s like saying “if you drive a car and don’t have a man walking in front of it with a red flag you void all rights to say anything”.

  • Benny Hil

  • Richard Berry

    “I’m a cyclist”, the magic phrase that allows you to shoot your mouth off and express an idiotic opinion without criticism. How does the entirely legal choice of not wearing a helmet have any relevance? Why does the driver not give motorists a bad name? A little logic goes a long way.

  • disqus_EjgKZ1VUFS

    OK he was to close but if we all chased down every motorist who did that we would never get anywhere. Yes the driver was a tube but I still felt the guy on the bike went looking for that reaction.

  • Richard Berry

    So, you expected him to calmly wait on the pavement to be assaulted. I think that anyone with an ounce of common sense would judge his use of the footpath as an escape route to be entirely justified.

  • Richard Berry

    No, you’re not a cyclist, you’re an idiot. How does not wearing a helmet, a choice he is legally entitled to make, have any relevance. Does the driver give all motorists a bad name? Perhaps you should think through the logic before you spout twaddle!

  • Jase180

    I’m a cyclist and if you don’t wear a helmet you void all rights to say anything. Give cyclist a bad name when you feel the need to chase down a car to get your rocks off.

  • Stevie

    Taking up too much space on the road isn’t illegal, cycling on the pavement on the other hand.

    The car didn’t seem to pass that closely (at the point he overtakes the cyclist could of moved into the free parking area and slowed to allow him to pass), even if it did there’s no need to chase him down and start an argument. then commit a greater offence by cycling down the pavement encased on both sides.

  • nosliwtrauts

    Hilarious. I’m from Reading so know that area. The bit where the motorist close passes the cyclist is a narrow stretch of road, not wide enough for a safe overtake even if you were cycling in the gutter. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for this man as he has some serious anger issues and probably shouldn’t be driving. It’s also a great shame he wasn’t wearing a ‘Car Helmet’ as he appeared to bang his head when he fell. A lesson for us all there, I think.

  • ed

    Can we agree they are both arses? Maybe one more than the other, but arses nonetheless.

  • dourscot

    Ugly man.