CCTV footage captures two youths stealing three bikes from Josh Teasdale's garage near Stockton-on-Tees

The current Closed Circuit Time Trial British champion has been left without a time trial bike to race on following the theft of two of his bikes.

Josh Teasdale, 21, had both his Scott Plasma and his Scott Plasma TT bike stolen on Tuesday, January 20, from his home near Stockton-on-Tees. A third bike, a red and black Ridley, was also stolen.

A video of the robbery shows how the two teenagers, aged around 16-years-old, entered the premises and callously made off with the bikes in mid-afternoon in front of passing cars.

The youths rode up to the garage, threw a stone to break the garage’s glass with one of them entering to retrieve the bikes. Two bikes were brought outside in which one of the youths rode away on his own bike carrying two of the stolen cycles.

The third bike was then wheeled away by the youth who broke into the garage

The incident took place shortly before 3.30pm and the bikes are still missing. Cleveland Police are urging anyone with information to contact DC Will Galloway on 101.

Josh’s father, Sean, told the Evening Gazette: “The bikes are worth £20,000 new. It is absolutely devastating.

“Josh is gutted. He had only just won the national championships on one of them. It was a limited edition and we had gone to the Mercedes wind tunnel to get measured up properly for it.

“He can continue road racing but can’t take part in time trials because of this.”

The Belgium-based rider, competing for Prorace in 2015 and formerly of Terra Footwear, is prolific against the clock. As well as his national title, he won three hill climbs last autumn: Cleveland Wheelers hill climb, Stockton Wheelers hill climb and Holme Valley hill climb.

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    What is your address?

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    Cycling weekly appear not to want to approve my proper reply to the above.. please get your facts correct before posting ‘Mr Anon’ your are completely incorrect on all counts

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  • Shaun Teasdale

    3:30 during the day yenrod, perhaps a better question would be why is nobody doing anything when they can see what’s happening and hear an alarm going off… Lots of people live in houses without a drive/ drive gates so that’s not really the issue is it

  • Steve Hislop

    How fast exactly can someone ride a mountain bike with 2 bike on their shoulder? Sorry piss poor excuse for not helping at least follow the thieves

  • dfd

    My stereo is worth a lot more than that, and it’s just sitting there in my living room with only a couple of windows for protection.

  • aaa

    Hmm maybe also next time invest in a bit more security than a single pane of glass to protect your possessions which are worth £20000 but are also super light and easily removed?

  • Phil May

    do what? shout? wave? doubt that would have stopped them

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    Once again, this video proves the callousness of people in cars as it relates to bikes. At least two vehicles were in a position to see, and then do,something. Amazing.