Racing at Hog Hill will be severely disrupted during next summer after London 2012 organisers LOCOG secured use of the site throughout the games.

It was confirmed last week that the facility will be used as a training venue for athletes until 3pm from July 13 to August 15 and then again during the Paralympics (August 20 to September 10).

Initially, LOCOG had requested exclusive use of the site for an eight-week period from July 16.

Michael Humphreys, chair of the Eastway Users’ Group, criticised the news, saying: “The Eastway Users’ Group went to great efforts to secure our relocation, which resulted in the excellent facility at Hog Hill being built.

“But this has turned out to be a double edged sword, because the Olympic organisers want to use it throughout the games.

“The disruption comes during the school holidays and it will interrupt the regular on and off-road race series events held there.”

In particular, Humphreys pointed out that organisers of the popular Beastway MTB series will struggle to get the facility for their races during the disruption.


LOCOG’s original planning application requested exclusive use for eight weeks

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  • Phil Riley

    The Olympics is coming to the UK. There will be some disruption, don’t worry though, it won’t happen again for a few lifetimes.

  • Ian Winfield

    Same old, same old.
    Lea Valley Youth were booted off the original site, relocated to Hogg Hill and all’s hunkey dorey.
    Now my sons summer holiday cycling plans are put into touch and he doesn’t even get any ticket to the games.
    He probably won’t even be able to cycle around his own area due to Olympic Lane restrictions.
    Ever felt as though Seb Coe is the stealthiest mugger in town?