RadioShack manager Johan Bruyneel has had his appeal against the timing of a two-month suspension rejected by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Bruyneel was handed a two-month ban in October by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) for his team’s non-adherence to clothing regulations during the final stage of the 2010 Tour de France. RadioShack riders swapped their accredited grey and red team clothing for all-black kit on the Tour’s final stage into Paris. The black kit was part of a publicity exercise for Lance Armstrong’s cancer awareness foundation, LiveStrong.

The squad were forced to stop at the roadside to change back into their regular team strip, delaying the stage. Bruyneel reacted strongly to the decision by commissaires to halt the race, saying via his Twitter account “Ok people! Now it’s official! To be a race commisar [sic], you don’t need brains but only know the rules! Their motto: ‘c’est le reglement!”

The ban runs from February a 2011 to March 31 2011 – Bruyneel had asked the ban to commence from January 1 2011. In addition to the ban, Bruyneel was fined 10,000 Swiss Francs.

CAS will publish the reasons for upholding the UCI’s terms of suspension in the coming weeks.

Bruyneel’s ban from attending races during February and March 2011 means that he will miss a host of early-season races such as Paris-Nice, Milan-San Remo, Criterium International and Ghent-Wevelgem. However, he would still be free to see RadioShack’s Lance Armstrong in his final race outside the USA – the Tour Down Under in Australia in January.

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  • stefan

    Here is so good news the UCI will now impose an approved list from Jan 1 2010 of frame and forks allowed for racing on in any UCI event, even down to your schoolboy crits, yet another money making scam from the UCI

  • Pat

    The quality of mercy is not strained .
    350 million is a lot of help .(even if Lance is an ego maniac )
    Keep on peddaling
    Pat .

  • Lucas

    Read Adams take on it above.
    He hit the nail right on the head.

  • Pat

    We must allow for the law of unintended consequences ie more help and awareness for cancer victims and their loved ones .
    Do you think Lance has not helped in any way ?
    Everyone has apart to play in this struggle against the fight against cancer .

    Pat .

  • adam

    When hotels put up the notices saying ‘Help us save the environment by not asking us to wash your towels everyday’ they obviously and knowingly leave you with no option. You are clearly not going to deliberately go against that… But the inevitably subtext is ‘Help us save a shed load of cash by not asking us to wash your towels everyday’.

    Same as Armstrong.

    Clearly no one is going to be anti a foundation that raises millions for cancer treatment and research. However, lets not kid ourselves about his motives. He missed being in control. He missed being in charge. He missed being the boss. He missed pro sport (like numerous retired pro athletes). He’s also a smart, smart guy who could dress his return up with a cancer foundation tag that he knows no magazine or news outlet will be able to criticise.

  • Mike


    You dont get it do you. Mr Armstrong is promoting Mr Armstrong.

    As I said above, everyone knows about cancer. I have friends and a family member who have, luckily, survived it. Got over it and moved on.

    As it says in one of Lances many books ” when you add cancer survivor to the Armstrong brand”. Lance cant move on cos he has a masive chip on his shoulder and realised being a victim could make him very rich and famous.

  • Pat

    Is the message of cancer awareness treatment and support not more important than all of this posturing and hissy fits.

    Does Colnago Dave comment re IRISH PAT not seem inappropriate as he did not mention other nationalities when naming other people i.e.American Lance or Spanish Contador (in the interest of balance).

    Lance (the American/Texan ) is like him or not , is promoting the message of Hope from the scourge of Cancer .

    Happy new year everyone

    Pat( not that one )

  • Burton

    No Johan is right. He should have his ban in July

  • Andy

    Do you ever reach the point where you get sick and tired of Mr Bruyneel and Mr Armstrong?

    Personally I wish they would both drop off a cliff so that we can listen to a different people moaning for a while. These two (men) moaners have single handedly made me loose any interest in the sport I love and have loved for almost 30 years.

    Please please please can someone tell the two “a”holes to p*** off.

  • Colnago dave

    I like it, Good old Irish Pat hides Contador test, can’t remember how much Lance gave him for the infamous testing device, but by God don’t criticise the UCI or if you do be prepared for a stupid ban from them upheld by CAS.

    Why the UCI has not been wound up and replaced by people who live in the real world I will never know.

  • Mike

    No Johan, just cos you have Lance on the team does not mean you can do anything you like.

    The rules apply to everyone.

    I love the excuse “Armstrongs cancer awareness charity” Is there anyone on the planet who has not heard of cancer?

    Lets face it, his comeback was the Lance Armstrong awareness campaigne. He missed the limelight.