The CTC, the national cyclists’ organisation, has named Britain’s best-performing pothole-filling council – and the award goes to Cheshire West and Chester Council.

CWCC filled all 47 holes that were reported by cyclists via the CTC’s website. Users of the site can upload details of road defects and the information is passed on to the relevant local authority in the hope that they will rectify the pothole(s) in question.

Construction company Aggregate Industries assisted in the scheme to award the councils which have the best road maintenance records.

Other councils with a 100 per cent record of filling reported potholes are Newham, West Lothian, Brent, Redbridge and Luton.

“The public is very keen to see improved road maintenance standards, and this is particularly true for cyclists, as good surfaces are hugely important for their safety,” said CTC campaigns and policy director Roger Geffen.

“With Fill That Hole making it easy for road users to report road defects, people are discovering that many councils are good at fixing them quickly once they know about them.”

A total of 11,200 potholes and road defects were reported by users via the website. The site was created in 2007. A full list of the 2010/2011 awards can be found on the Fill That Hole website.

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  • Anthony Cartmell

    Yes, a few of the 200-odd councils seem to lie, or are mis-informed, when they tell us holes have been fixed. Unfortunately it’s rare for the original reporter or anyone else to tell us when holes are fixed, so we tend to rely on councils being truthful (and reporters to mark as “not fixed” when relevant). Sometimes the council has contracted-out the pothole work to contractors, and it’s the contractor that incorrectly notifies that holes have been fixed. The level of communication is generally pretty poor, sadly.

  • tim barlow

    i did tell them it hadn`t been fixed . when you do this you resubmit it to be fixed again. i did this at least 3 times with each road , but they still said it was fixed. so i gave up in the end. what i would like to know is are they claiming money for fixing these holes and if so where has the money gone.

  • Ken Evans

    Surely it is up to the cyclists to say if the hole has been fixed.

    A “BEFORE” AND “AFTER”, photo of each hole
    posted on the internet, would also be useful.

    By adding up all the sizes of all the holes,
    the amount of road worn away can be calculated,
    and also the amount of new surface that has to be bought, and filled in.

    The costs can be estimated,
    and various surface mixtures,
    repairing methods, and firms compared.

    In my experience a few firm do a good job,
    but there are a lot of cowboys around,
    that do rubbish work.

    I think that some firms deliberately do bad work,
    so that they can get repeat business,
    because they have to repair the same roads over and over again.

  • tim barlow

    what a load of b******** . i have reported a couple of holes several time and they have not been filled . but fill that hole says they have been fixed. the council arn`t fixing them , they are just saying they are.